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The Wiggles

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December 10, 2003


Early 2003

Running Time

1:05:13 (including bonus features)

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大家來Wiggle! (2003)

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Arthur的烤蛋糕 (2004)

歡樂Party!, translated to Happy Party! is the second Taiwanese Wiggles video. It was released on December 10, 2003.


  1. 阿亮的聖誕舞
  2. Big Red Car
  3. Walk
  4. 兩邊看
  5. Dorothy的生日party
  6. 船長的魔法扣子
  7. Bing Bang Bong海盜歌
  8. Henry的章魚舞
  9. 海灘真是有趣
  10. 造飛機
  11. 伸出手指頭扭扭扭
  12. Dorothy的歡樂party
  13. Wiggle Groove
  14. Wiggles組曲
  15. 發揮想像和學習
  16. 迪士尼遊戲屋再見歌

Bonus Features:

  1. Big Red Car
  2. 兩邊看
  3. 伸出手指頭扭扭扭

English translations (Mandarin song titles only)

  1. Liang's Christmas Dance
  2. Look Both Ways
  3. Dorothy's Birthday Party
  4. Captain's Magic Buttons
  5. Bing Bang Bong, Pirate Song
  6. Henry's Octopus Dance
  7. The Beach is Really Interesting
  8. Make an Airplane
  9. Point Your Fingers and Twist
  10. Dorothy's Joyous Party
  11. Wiggles Suite
  12. Play, Imagine and Learn
  13. Playhouse Disney Goodbye Song


  1. 雞腿超人
  2. 飛毛船長的魔法釦子
  3. 別油漆
  4. Danny 聽歌劇
  5. Carlos 的籃球夢



  • Music videos for the 發揮想像和學習 and迪士尼遊戲屋再見歌 are included as bonus features, as well as karaokes for Big Red Car, 兩邊看 and 伸出手指頭扭扭扭.
  • The Big Red Car music video includes multiple Mickey Mouse heads hidden as easter eggs. They are located in these instances:
    • As a kite, along with other animals.
    • As patterns on different colored/shaped alarm clocks
    • The spheres with rose patterns form a Mickey head.
  • The song titles for 阿亮的聖誕舞 and Wiggle Groove are slightly different then the rest of the ones in the video. the CGI animations are replaced with an illustration of the Taiwanese Wiggles in the Big Red Car, and are shown 2 times in each music video, at both the beginning and the end.
  • For a limited time, The DVD box set included a coupon for tickets to Disney On Ice, in which the Taiwanese Wiggles were a supporting act.





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