"ABC For Kids: Featuring Banana Holiday and Lots of Other Great Songs" is an ABC For Kids video released in 1994. It features music videos from various artists.


  1. Lift Off - Theme from the ABC TV series
  2. Henry the Octopus - The Wiggles
  3. Spider in the Bath - Theme from the ABC TV series
  4. Dr Knickerbocker - Mike Jackson and Ian Blake
  5. Jollity Farm - Mic Conway
  6. Banana Holiday - B1, B2, The Teddies, Rat in the Hat
  7. Ossie Mozzie - Don Spencer
  8. Surfing with the Seagulls - George Spartels
  9. Hey, Hey, Blinky Bill - Blinky and the Gang
  10. Der Glumph - Benita, Noni, Monica
  11. Bugs and Beetles - Franciscus Henri
  12. I Can Do Magic - Gillian Eastoe


  • Henry the Octopus in this video from Wiggle Time!.
  • The opening sequence which debuted on this video was so popular at the time (despite being completely all done in CGI animation as it looks a little cheap), it was used as a TV sting for the ABC For Kids TV block on ABC TV from 1995. Also, this was still used until 2009 after it became mostly redundant.
    • It's also been used in the 1998-2008 ABC For Kids promo, but it was edited to remove the part where the "Lots of Great Songs!" title is being formed.
  • Jollity Farm and I Can Do Magic are both re-used from ABC For Kids: Live In Concert, although Jollity Farm is now placed in a border. Also, Jollity Farm and I Can Do Magic don't have their song titles from their original video.




The Wiggles' Performance


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