"ABC For Kids: Live In Concert" is an Australian children's video released in 1993 by ABC Video.

The Wiggles' 1st recorded concert at the Eugone Goossen's Hall on December 22, 1992 and contains various artists singing various songs.

It contains The Wiggles' first live performance to be released on video. It was the third video that The Wiggles appeared on. This is the last ABC Video to feature The Wiggles before their first video Wiggle Time!.

Release Date

  • February 1, 1993

Song List

  1. Singin' in the Bathtub - Mic Conway
  2. Jollity Farm - Mic Conway
  3. The Hokey Pokey - Mic Conway
  4. Insects and Bugs - Gillian Eastoe
  5. I Can Do Magic - Gillian Eastoe
  6. Jellybean Jar - Gilllian Eastoe and Mic Conway
  7. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - Gillian Eastoe
  8. Rufty Tufty - Mike Jackson and Ian Blake
  9. Hop Tu Naa - Mike Jackson and Ian Blake
  10. Cat's Got the Measles - Mike Jackson and Ian Blake
  11. Here Comes a Bear - The Wiggles
  12. Dancing Ride - The Wiggles
  13. Okki Tokki Unga - The Wiggles
  14. Dorothy the Dinosaur - The Wiggles
  15. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear - The Wiggles
  16. Get Ready To Wiggle - The Wiggles


This is the plot of only The Wiggles part in ABC For Kids: Live In Concert.

The Wiggles enter the stage. Greg says: "Hi everyone, we're The Wiggles. How are you? Today we're going a song about four scary animals

After The Wiggles growl, Anthony asks everyone if they can dance like a tree, a rocket ship, or like they have ants in their pants.

Greg explains that the next song is an Eskimo fishing song called "Okki Tokki Unga". He then goes on to explain the actions: look for fish, throw the net out, make a funny face as you drag in the net and then wave good-bye to fishing friends.

Dorothy comes out on stage and The Wiggles sing Dorothy The Dinosaur. Jeff plays the dogcatcher and Anthony plays the policeman.

Anthony says that the fifth song will be "Rock-A-Bye Your Bear". He explains the actions: clap three times, sing la la la la la! Bow to your partner. And then you turn around. Then Jeff starts snoring. Anthony asks the audience if they know who is snoring. Greg says: "It's Jeff. He always falls asleep during this song. We warned you this might happen. How about we play a trick on Jeff at the end of the song. When I count three, let's all say wake up Jeff and we will get to see Jeff do all sorts of silly things. Jeff wakes up and says: "Did I hear something about playing a trick on me? Greg and the others say "No, no, no."

Sure enough, Jeff falls asleep. Greg counts to three and everyone yells: "Wake up Jeff!" Jeff wakes up and runs around and as Greg said, does all sorts of silly things. Jeff tells everyone that he dreamt he was a racehorse. Greg says: "That's because you were asleep Jeff." Then Jeff says "Oh no I wasn't!" Greg: "Oh yes you were." "Oh no I wasn't." Jeff falls asleep as he finishes talking. Greg says: "Let's try that trick again, only louder this time. One, two, three!" All the children scream loudly. Jeff jumps around once again. Greg then asks Jeff if he's ready to wiggle. Jeff asks everyone if they're ready to wiggle. Yeah! Greg says in a funny voice: "Let's all get ready to wiggle!" Anthony says: "Oh yeah! Everybody loosen up! Let's get ready to wiggle!"

Stage People

Wiggle Characters



  • Murray is the only Wiggle not to be talking. He only sings part of Here Comes a Bear.
  • This is the final video to feature The Wiggles, that was produced by ABC instead of The Wiggles themselves.
  • This marks the first time the catchphrase 'Wake up, Jeff!' is used in any Wiggles-related media.
    • Despite this, The Wiggles are not heard calling out possibly due to the loudness of the audience.


  • Mike Jackson and Ian Blake are seen leaving at the beginning of Gillian Eastoe's segment despite not being introduced yet. Gillian Eastoe is also seen briefly leaving after Cat's Got the Measles in a sequence where The Wiggles say hello. This is because the events after Mic Conway and before The Wiggles were switched in a different order.
  • Anthony Field's name was credited on Get Ready To Wiggle.

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