ABC For Kids Live is an album that was released in 1993. The songs Rock-a-Bye Your Bear, Okki Tokki Unga and I Can Do Magic, which appeared on the video, were not included on the CD. When You Smile, Arabella Miller, The Kookaburra Sits, Old MacDonald Had A Farm and Uncle Noah's Ark were added. Some of the vocals and instrumental parts were re-recorded for the CD.


  1. Singin' in the Bathtub (3.25) - Mic Conway - Magidson, Washington (Alberts)
  2. Jollity Farm (2.54) - Mic Conway - Saroney (MCPS)
  3. The Hokey Pokey (3.23) - Mic Conway - Trad.Arr.Bell (Control)
  4. Insects and Bugs (3.01) - Gillian Eastoe - G. Eastoe (Rondor Music)
  5. That's Digusting (1.40) - Gillian Eastoe - G. Eastoe (Rondor Music)
  6. When You Smile (2.30) - Gillian Eastoe - G. Eastoe (Rondor Music)
  7. Jellybean Jar (2.22) - Gillian Eastoe - G. Eastoe (Rondor Music)
  8. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (2.01) - Gillian Eastoe - Trad.
  9. Rufty Tufty/Hop Tu Naa/The Cat's got the Measles/Arabella Miller (5.33) - Mike Jackson with Ian Blake - Jackson & Blake, Trad.Arr.Blake & Jackson (Larrikin Music)
  10. Old MacDonald Had A Farm/The Kookaburra Sits (3.33) - Mike Jackson with Ian Blake - Trad.Arr.Blake & Jackson (Larrikin Music)
  11. Here Comes a Bear (1.46) - The Wiggles - A. Field, G. Page (EMI Music)
  12. Dancing Ride (3.10) - The Wiggles - A. Field, G. Page (EMI Music)
  13. Uncle Noah's Ark (2.32) - The Wiggles - Trad.Arr.Cook, Field, Page, Fatt (EMI Music)
  14. Dorothy the Dinosaur (2.33) - The Wiggles - M. Cook, J. Field
  15. Get Ready To Wiggle (2.14) - The Wiggles - J. Field, M. Cook, J. Fatt, G. Page (EMI Music)


Recorded live at the Eugene Goossen's Hall on 22 December 1992 by Yossi Gabbay. Produced by John Spence. Mixed at Tracking Station Studios by Steve Pomfrett. Mastered at Festival Studios, Sydney, 1993 by William BowdenDigital editing at Festival Studios, Sydney, 1993 by Glenn Aird.

© 1993. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Sound Recording made by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. First Published 1980, 1983, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 in Australia. © 1993. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Marketed in Australiasia by PolyGram under exclusive licence. Made in Australia.


  • Some of the tracks appear to have been either alternate takes or overdubbed, including Greg’s vocals and Jeff’s keyboard and Murray as Dorothy’s voice.
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