ABC for Kids Video Hits Vol 2
Video Cover


Greg Page
Anthony Field
Murray Cook
Jeff Fatt
Franciscus Henri
Don Spencer
Michael Young
Mike Jackson
George Spartels


October 5, 1992

"ABC For Kids Video Hits Volume 2" is an Australian video released in 1992 by ABC For Kids. It features video clips from various artists.

Song List

  1. Walking On The Milky Way - Franciscus Henri
  2. The Diesel Rap - Johnson and Friends
  3. Radical Wheels - Swap Shop
  4. Bob The Kelpie - Don Spencer
  5. Dancing in the Kitchen - Franciscus Henri
  6. Ferry Boat Fred - Michael Young
  7. One Man Went To Mow - Mike Jackson
  8. Busy Baby, Bubby - George Spartels
  9. Thumbs Up - Don Spencer
  10. Dorothy the Dinosaur - The Wiggles


  • This is the first appearance of Dorothy the Dinosaur.
  • This is the last video with Phillip.
    • As such, this is his last appearance in The Wiggles.
  • The ABC For Kids logo is seen in Franciscus Henri's bed in Walking on the Milky Way.
  • In one scene of Dorothy the Dinosaur, the audience and the clowns are doing the actions of Rock-A-Bye Your Bear.
  • This video's 2D animated opening sequence was used as the opening for ABC For Kids: Live In Concert, and as the 1999-2009 opening logo on some DVDs and Videos.

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