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“A Wiggly Mystery”
Series 4, Episode 9
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Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock


Prehistoric Party

A Wiggly Mystery is a Series 4 episode.


The Wiggles are having pasta for dinner. They hear the doorbell ring and they go to answer it. Captain sneaks in and eats all the pasta. The Wiggles come back to the kitchen in which no one was at the front door. They realize the pasta's gone! Luckily, Jeff prepared enough pasta to make up for the pasta Captain ate. They hear the doorbell ring and the same pattern occurs. The next time they hear the doorbell ring, Murray has the Non-realistic Wiggles go to the front door while he stays in the kitchen to solve the mystery. Captain comes back in and Murray catches him red-handed. Captain apologizes for eating the pasta.

Song List

  1. Wake Up Jeff!
  2. Goldfish (with intro)
  3. I Climb Ten Stairs - Wiggly Animation
  4. Here Come the Wiggles - Wiggly Animation
  5. Rock-a-Bye Your Bear - Wiggly Concert

Alternate titles

  • Wiggly Mystery (Playhouse Disney title)


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