The Alarm Clock Chair is an armchair that looks a bit like an alarm clock.

It made its debut in Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas and has since been closely tied to Jeff, and the other purple wiggles, as they used it for their frequent sleep sessions. 


It is light purple with a dark purple seat. Red clock numbers (excluding 5, 6 and 7) and blue clock arms are painted on the back cushion. Unlike most armchairs, one armrest is higher than the other (making it asymmetrical.)


In The Wiggles Movie and TV Series 1, gold alarm clock bells with googly eyeballs underneath them were affixed to the top of the chair. In TV Series 2, the bells were removed. In The Wiggles Show, red bells appeared in their place. Currently, the chair is without bells.

Variants and covers

Dark purple chair

A dark purple version of the chair was created for the Jeff section of The Wiggles Exhibition and remained there until 2016. Since its removal from the museum, it has appeared in Wiggles videos.

  • A chair cover that imitates the dark purple design appeared in the lounge room screen of Dreamworld's Big Red Car Ride and later in Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle.

Bow Chair

In 2019, a yellow cover adorned with black bow shapes was created to dress the chair with an Emma theme.


  • Anthony kept the chair in his house in the early 2000s.


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