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Greg and the five little ducks in the song from Toot Toot!

"Bathtime" is a Raffi song from his Everything Grows album. The Wiggles sing this song on their Toot Toot! album and video.

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Prologue Transcript

(Greg stands up from behind the Big Red Car. His face and hands are covered in soot and he has tools in his hands. Jeff stands next to the side of the car)

Greg: Well, Jeff, the Big Red Car's still not working and I've tried just about everything.

Jeff: Greg, you might like to clean yourself up. Have a bath, and we'll think of a way to get the Big Red Car toot tooting again.

Greg: (looking at his dirty hands and face) Hmm. Good idea, Jeff. I'll go and have a bath. I'll be back real soon, maybe.

Jeff:  Oh and Greg. (holds rubber ducks) Take these ducks with you. (gives them to Greg while a quacking sound is heard)

Greg: Good idea, Jeff. (leaves)

(Greg stands on top of a yellow bar of soap. Cassie, Sian, Emma, Jessie and Clare are dressed as ducklings)


The water is fine, fine, fine

The Soap is mine, mine, mine

It helps me scrub and shine

It's my bathtime.

The water is nice and warm

ItMakes me feel at home

Like a baby whale

It's my bathtime


Wah, wah, wah, wubbly bubbles

Bah, bah, bah, silky bubbles to me

In my tub, tub, tub, I'm going to scrub, scrub, scrub

Every part of me. It's my bathtime.


The water is nice and warm

Itakes me feel at home

Like a baby whale

It's my bathtime


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