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Big Red Boat

The Big Red Boat is a speedboat that The Wiggles use along with their Big Red Car. Anthony drove it until 2010 when Sam drove it. As of 2014, Anthony drives this vehicle for the first time in four years. It first appeared in The Wiggles Show (TV Series 1) & (2). There is a text on the side of the boat that says Big Red Boat with the The Wiggles Logo Beside it, it also has a Number on the side as well, to show that it is a licensed Vehicle. There are not that many different Designs, it all quit looks the same. The only difference is:

  • It originally had no text that says Big Red Boat, but The Wiggles Logo always stays there.
  • In 2014 the text was bold, the Boat shape was a bit more flat, no longer round & the Numbers have been removed.


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Video Appearances

Minor Appearances

Splish, Splash, Big Red Boat (Album Cover)

Where is it now

It's now hanging up on display at ABC Studios (only!)