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"Big Red Car" is the first Big Red Car song, from the video and album of the same name, about The Wiggles going for a ride in it around town.

The song is partially adapted from I'll Come Running Back by The Cockroaches, which was written by John Field.




Jump in the car
And buckle up
And we can ride the whole day long
Jump in the car
Put on my seat belt
And we can ride the whole day long

Ride into town
Walk down the street
Get back in the car
And buckle up into my seat
Yes, that's the way we do it
Riding in our Big Red Car


On holidays
We go down to the beach
I get back in the car
And buckle up into my seat
Yes, that's the way we do it
Riding in our Big Red Car

Español (Cochesote Rojo)

(Vamos a pasear en mi cochesote rojo!)

El carro así
me va llevar
Voy a pasear sin descansar
Súbete ya,
y con el cinturón
Podremos irnos sin temor

Al centro voy
Y ahí andaré,
Al regreso el coche
Y me pongo el cinturón y así me
Paso a mi a
Mi coche rojo y grande es


En excursión
A la playa voy,
Y a mi casa vuelvo
Siempre puesto el cinturón y así voy
Bien seguro
El coche rojo y grande es

Song Credits

Written by Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field and Greg Page, published by Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd, previously published by EMI Music.


  • John Field's name was never mentioned in the original song credits for this song. It's possible he only wrote the lyrics to 'I'll Come Running Back' while Jeff Fatt wrote the music. In any case, while there are some similarities between the songs, they are not exactly the same, musically. Interestingly, in a YouTube interview, Murray said that this song was written by Greg Page. Other sites credit Anthony Field with coming up with the idea for a vehicle, but not necessarily the song.
  • The last shot in the 1995 music video where The Wiggles are in the Big Red Car running is sped up. Also, it was filmed outside.
  • The song was written in 1995.
  • The 1995 version of the music video was filmed in chroma key, as the partial blue screen is seen.
  • This song gives thanks to Terry Murray for the guitar work.
  • An instrumental track of the song is played over the opening and closing credits of Here Comes The Big Red Car as well as The Wiggles Big Aussie Road Trip.
  • A Behind the Scenes image of the 1995 version shows Jacqueline Fallon as Wags the Dog.
  • The Wiggly Circus version which has the TV Series 2 video has a different Rainbow Song Title and audio from the 1995 version.
  • The song is played on the Big Red Car Kiddie Ride.
  • The song is sung in the Warner Brothers movie, "Life as We Know It".
  • Some of the song's music was later partially adapted to We Like To Say Hello.


  • In the 1999 version (TV Series 2), you'll notice that they pass the same backgrounds about six times, most likely an error with the 3D animation program, or trying to save costs.
    • At some points in the video, Greg isn't really steering the car and is really rubbing the steering wheel instead of grabbing the steering.


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