The evolution of the Big Red Car.

Cardboard and Plywood (1995-1996, 2020-2021)

The very first incarnation of the Big Red Car built by Jeff, first appearing in the video Big Red Car, was made primarily of cardboard. There are three funnels at the back that give the appearance of a permanently retracted roof.

On 14 December 2020, The Wiggles posted a video to their social medias with Jeff, Anthony and Greg standing behind the original plywood car (with new green funnels), wishing Murray well as he recovers in hospital.

This car also appear in the Christmas medley of the Wiggly Christmas Show, the third series of Ready Steady Wiggle, and is still being used for future projects.

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Dune Buggy (1997-2002)

The first motorized version of the Big Red Car was constructed for The Wiggles Movie in 1997 by dune buggy technician Godfrey Reade. This was the first car model to be driven by a Yellow Wiggle. Being the first of its kind, it bears features that carried over into later Big Red Car iterations, such as coloured seats, a windshield, and hubcaps with a Wiggle-coloured Battenberg pattern. Conversely, a feature of this car that did not carry over into later iterations is the large yellow front bumper. Decals of The Wiggles Logo appeared on each side of the car, but not on the front bonnet (though it was later added for Wiggly Safari). The car was on display at The Australia Zoo from 2002 to 2004, and can currently be found at the Wiggles World area of Dreamworld, parked outside of Wigglehouse.

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Second Motorized Version (1997-2008)


This version of the Big Red Car made its debut on The Wiggles Big Show tour. It is shorter in length than the first motorized car and omits the yellow front bumper that that version had. This car was the first since the original design to have The Wiggles Logo emblazoned on the front bonnet (albeit with a blue dot over the lowercase i instead of a green one), as well as text reading THE BIG RED CAR underneath it, though the "THE" was omitted sometime before Toot Toot! started filming. The windshield is a different material from the rest of the car, appearing to be foam covered in lycra.

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The body of the car is a deeper shade of red, and the BIG RED CAR text on the front is now in a thinner typeface, ostensibly a variant of the Arial font. The logos on the sides and front are also visibly different, being brighter in colour and also somewhat smaller in size. Around mid-2001, the lycra windshield was replaced with the wire windshield the next variation of this model would use. The car with this look could be seen on the group's appearance on Neighbours.

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The headlights were replaced with thinner ones, and the text reading BIG RED CAR is now in the Daddy O'Hip typeface. Sometime around mid-2007, the car would be repainted to matte red, the BIG RED CAR text was removed entirely and the logos on the side and front were replaced with more standard variants. This version of the car was used in every USA concert starting in 2004, until being retired after the Pop Go The Wiggles Show!.

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Minor Appearances

Third (2004-2011)

The first model built by Rosemont's & Co. and making its debut in 2004 on the Santa's Rockin'! tour, this Big Red Car is visibly longer and rounder than any of the previous incarnations. This iteration features rounder hubcaps, a yellow windshield, and a back fender, complete with a sculpted-on license plate with WIGGLES printed on it, and from this iteration onward, the steering wheel is black instead of red. The typeface reading "BIG RED CAR" was initially a variant of Times New Roman (Americana Extra Bold), but was changed to Wiglet sometime before Racing to the Rainbow began production. When Sam became the Yellow Wiggle, an L (which stands for learner) was added to the front for the Racing to the Rainbow Show, referencing that he's the new driver of the Big Red Car. In 2011, this car became a photography prop for events, with the engine removed, the steering wheel replaced and the wheels being replaced by wooden copies.

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Fourth (2009-2011)

The smallest of the Big Red Car designs, this car was the first to utilize left-hand drive. The headlights appear to be non-functional. The car made its debut during the North American leg of The Wiggles Go Bananas! Live in Concert in July 2009 and was used for the following tours of both Australia and the United States. It was retired after the Getting Strong Live in Concert! tour.

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Fifth (2012-2020, 2021-present)

The second car to be built by Rosemonts 'n Co ., this version of the car made its debut during the North American leg of The Celebration Tour! in the summer of 2012. The front is more pronounced than the last iteration and the sides are a bit bigger and longer as well. This model was also the last car to be driven by the original line-up of The Wiggles. The back of the car has a decal of The Wiggles Logo. Starting with Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!, the car was upgraded with Wiggle-coloured seatbelts.

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Alternate Models

Taiwanese Version

Fabricated in Taiwan and used exclusively for the first run of The Taiwanese Wiggles. It used left-hand drive and appeared in every Taiwanese Wiggles video except for Lights, Camera, Action!

Volkswagen Big Red Car

Made in partnership with car automaker Volkswagen, this Big Red Car is a "Wiggle-fied" version of a 2008 Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet. It features The Wiggles Logo on the hood and side doors, the Wiggle-colored hubcaps that all Big Red Car designs since 1997 have carried, and a yellow sunroof cover. The front license plate reads "BIG RED CAR", while the back license plate reads "The Wiggles". The car was auctioned and sold in December 2012, with all proceeds from the auction going to SIDS and Kids. Prior to its sale, the car would occasionally be parked outside of arenas that The Wiggles would play in at the end of the year, in 2011 and 2012.

Inflatable version

Used in concerts in the early 2000s and in 2014 for the Apples & Bananas Tour. It also appeared on the 1999 edition of Carols in the Domain, as well as the American sitcom Yes Dear.

Big Red Electric Utility Vehicle

Maintanence cart 1.png

In a circumstance where the real vehicle was unavailable for a performance of the Wiggle Pop! Big Show at the RAC Arena in Perth, this one-off variation saw the Big Red Car take on the form of a Taylor-Dunn electric utility vehicle covered in red duct-tape and cardboard, with The Wiggles logo being printed on A4 paper and taped on the sides and front.