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“Bow Wow Wow (episode)”
Series 4, Episode 12
Approx. Running Time


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Wiggly Friends


We're Taking A Trip Across The Sea

Bow Wow Wow is a Series 4 episode.


Help The Little Wiggles wake up Jeff and let's all dance with Wags the Dog. The wiggles go to a Wiggly Party and Quack Quack and Fruit Salad, Yummy,Yummy at the Wiggly Concert.. Join in the fun of Wiggly animation as The Wiggles sing Here Come The Chicken. Sing and dance along to Bow Wow Wow with The Wiggles and friends.

Song List

  1. Wiggly Party
  2. We're Dancing with Wags the Dog - little Wiggles
  3. Where's Jeff? - animated
  4. Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on His Pirate Ship (Quack Quack) - concert
  5. The Chicken Song (Here Come The Chicken) - animated
  6. Bow Wow Wow
  7. Fruit Salad - concert
  8. Wobbly Camel - animated

Alternate titles

  • Give a Dog a Bone! (Playhouse Disney title)