“Brr It's Cold Outside”
Ready, Steady, Wiggle! TV Series 3, Episode 6

June 7, 2021 (AUS)

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"Brr It's Cold Outside" is the 6th episode of Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 3


It's cold outside and The Wiggles have their cold weather outfits on to keep warm


Bok the Hand Puppet

Simon notices Bok shivering. Knowing that shivering could mean feeling cold, Simon finds out what part of Bok's body feels cold. It turns out that his ears are feeling cold, but Simon does not know what to do. Thankfully, Elisabetta who is a milliner helps Bok out by giving him a blue and yellow beanie to keep his ears warm and not make his ears feel cold anymore.

Wiggle Town

Anthony is about to practice his guitar outdoors. Just when he think it's sunny, he starts feeling a little bit cold. Thinking quickly, he decides to head back to Wigglehouse to get his blue jacket, beanie and scarf. Meanwhile, Emma is also outdoors practicing her ballet when she starts feeling cold. Noticing that, she decides to get her yellow beanie, ballet shoes and a warmer set of ballet clothes. Lachy then comes out, having provided some fresh water for the birds at the birdbath. Soon feeling how cold it is, he quickly heads back to Wigglehouse to get his winter pajamas and dressing gown. Simon then returns from his morning exercise. Just as he also notices the coldness in the weather, he decides to get a warmer set of exercise clothes to keep himself warm. As Simon heads back to Wigglehouse, Flora gets intrigued to see The Wiggle's cold weather outfits.

As the Wiggles step out of Wigglehouse, now in their cold weather outfits, they proceed to do their activities , except Anthony, who decides to do some calisthenics to cope with the weather. All of the sudden, The Wiggles hear someone's teeth chattering. Thinking that it could be one of their friends, they decide to check on them. First, they head over to Dorothy's garden to check on Dorothy, but her teeth are not chattering. Next, they go and visit Wags, also to find out tat his teeth are not chattering. Then, they visit Henry and Shirley Shawn and realise that neither of their teeth are chattering. Finally, they decide to check on Captain Feathersword, finding out that the chattering has been coming from him.

Thinking that it was sunny, the Captain has worn his summer pirate outfit, but only to end up shivering due to the cold air. After The Wiggles advice Captain to wear some warmer clothes to keep warm, the Captain slowly heads off to get them. After a while, the Captain returns with a full set of warm clothes, which finally stop his teeth from chattering and makes him feel warm.

Songs: Lullaby Overture (Part 1), Lullaby Overture (Part 2)


  1. Hat On Boks Head
  2. Lullaby Overture (Part 1 - Instrumental)
  3. Lullaby Overture (Part 2 - Instrumental)