Calm & Quiet: Soothing Sounds for Relaxing Baby is a sleep aid album released on July 23 2021, along side Sweet Dreams: White Noise Sleep Aid for Baby.


  1. Dvořák Soothing Symphony: Self-Soothing Piano
  2. Dvořák Soothing Symphony: Humming Lullaby
  3. Dvořák Soothing Symphony: Piano Lullaby
  4. Dvořák Soothing Symphony: Soothing Lullaby
  5. Peaceful Westering Home: Peaceful Piano
  6. Peaceful Westering Home: Peaceful Humming
  7. Peaceful Westering Home: Piano and Humming Dreams
  8. Peaceful Westering Home: Peaceful Dreams
  9. Gentle Loch Lomond: Gentle Humming
  10. Gentle Loch Lomond: Gentle Strumming
  11. Gentle Loch Lomond: Sweet, Gentle, Calm
  12. Lulling Morag Lullaby: Lulling to Sleep
  13. Lulling Morag Lullaby: Restful Hum
  14. Lulling Morag Lullaby: Sleeping Lullaby
  15. Lulling Morag Lullaby: Humming Slumber
  16. Bobby Shafto Slumber: Humming Slumber
  17. Bobby Shafto Slumber: Sweet Comforting Piano
  18. Bobby Shafto Slumber: Piano Slumber