"Captain's Birthday Party" is the eighth episode of Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 3.


It's Captain Feathersword's birthday and he's organized a party to celebrate.


Bok the Hand Puppet

Lachy, Jeff and Bok all introduce themselves. Lachy then asks the viewer to try to remember each other's names and as a suggestion from Bok, tell them their names. With that, Lachy then suggests playing a name game together.

Wiggle Town

Captain Feathersword is extremely excited today as it is his birthday and he has a planned a special party to celebrate with his friends. Beforehand, he decides to compose his invitations. He starts off the invitations with "Dear..." and a red heart to show how much he cares for his friends. Then, in order to make sure the invitations are for The Wiggles as well, he uses four coloured strips of red, yellow, blue and purple cardboard. Afterwards, he adds on a picture of a clock that states 4'o clock to state when the party begins. To let The Wiggles know that it is his birthday, he uses a feather to represent himself.

As the Captain leaves to get ready for the party, The Wiggles themselves come onboard his pirate ship docks after a long walk. Just then, Anthony notices the invitation and the rest of The Wiggles all try to decipher the message. As they crack the message of the invitation, they decide to grab their party clothes for the occasion, of course while not forgetting to wake Lachy up.

As the time has finally come, the Captain, now decked in his party clothes is ready to start his party, but no one seems to have arrived. This leaves the Captain disappointed for a while, until when Simon calls out for the Captain and to his surprise, all the Wiggles and their friends come onboard to wish the Captain a happy birthday.

With that, the Captain all thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and Simon commences the party with a dance...


  1. Name Game
  2. Have A Happy Birthday Captain
  3. Do the Wiggle Groove (Audio taken from: Lullabies with Love, with an additional fade out)