Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate
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May 8, 2000



Written by

The Wiggles

Directed by

Chisholm McTavish

Produced by

Paul Field

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"Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate" is a Wiggles video that features the best of Captain Feathersword where The Wiggles read some Wiggle Tales about Captain Feathersword and his crew. Scenes from this video are taken from The Wiggles Series 2.


The Wiggles are reading some of their Wiggle Tales and they are going to read the part about Captain Feathersword. Murray is off fishing. So the other three Wiggles (Greg, Jeff and Anthony) introduce and watch the best of Captain Feathersword.

Wiggle Tales

  • Captain No-Beard (from Movement)
  • Strong Pirates (Strong Blowing) (from The Body)
  • Exercise Song (from The Body)
  • Treasure Hunt - Counting Book (from Numbers & Counting and Safety)
  • Talking in Dog Language - The Doggy Polka (from Communication)
  • Pulling the Wagon (from Travel)
  • The Captain teaches Wags to Fetch a Ball (from Friends)
  • Finding Wags (Fetching Stick) (from Play (a.k.a. Playtime))
  • The Magic Stick (from Play (a.k.a. Playtime))
  • The Captain teaches and tricks Wags not to Fetch (from Imagination)
  • Watch Dog - The Pirate Song (from Work)
  • Captain Feathersword babysits the Wagettes (from Work)
  • Wags tricking the Captain that he thought he shrunk Wags (from Nutrition)


  • This video is related to The Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video, where both videos feature highlights from Series 2, along with new framing material. The only difference is the Wiggles being present in this video unlike the latter.
  • The footage of The Wiggly Mascots from Toot Toot! (1999) is re-used for the opening of this video.
  • Murray is only seen in skits re-used from Series 2, while a stand-in fills in for him while on the dock fishing (he wears a hat and is only seen from behind at a distance) for unknown reasons. It's also the last time we see him with bangs until Santa's Rockin'!.
  • This is the first video to have the P22 Daddy O Hip font.
  • This video has yet to be uploaded on YouTube as part of Classic Wiggles.
  • It's the only Wiggles video to be focused on Captain Feathersword.
  • The opening dock sequence features the third version of Captain Feathersword's third design which also appeared in Toot Toot! and the plane segments in The Wiggles in Disneyland.
  • The video uses the early GMTV versions of the TV Series 2 clips. Three of the clips from TV Series 2 also have an Echo sound effect added to them.
  • The book that Greg is reading is the book that was used in Dorothy the Dinosaur Goes to Hospital.
  • This marks the first Wiggles video not to feature Dorothy the Dinosaur on the front cover, as what wasn't done on previous Wiggles videos.
  • This marks the final Wiggles video produced not yet released on DVD until the Big Red Car video, which wasn't released on DVD in Australia, it was released on DVD in North America as "Dance Party".
  • This is the first video to win an award at the VHS Awards.