Christmas Special is the third episode of Fruit Salad TV that was uploaded to The Wiggles' YouTube channel on December 10, 2021.


  1. Ring-A-Ding-A-Ding Dong!
  2. Here Come The Reindeer
  3. Rockin' Santa!
  4. Evie and Bok's Christmas Ballet
  5. It's a Christmas Party, On The Goodship Feathersword
  6. We're Having Fruit Salad in the Kitchen
  7. Jingle Bell Cricket
  8. Away in a Manger
  9. Paloma's Christmas
  10. Great Big Man In Red
  11. A Christmas Story
  12. Silent Night
  13. Go Santa Go


  • The Wiggles' coloured stocking from Yule Be Wiggling returns in this video.
  • Because Paul Paddick was unable to attend filming due to border closures living in Queensland as well as a family member's illness, Victor Valdes fills in as the role of Captain Feathersword in this special, as does Anthony as the secondary voice of Santa Claus.
  • This is the first Fruit Salad TV episode where Tsehay wears yellow rather than red due to the departure of Emma.
  • This is also the first holiday themed episode the wiggles have ever done, not counting the OG Wiggles Series 1 episode Spooked Wiggles, in which fans consider it as a Halloween themed episode.
  • Dominic Field returns to pursue the role of Santa Claus, as well as providing his voice for the first time.
  • There are seven Wiggles in this episode rather than eight due to Tsehay replacing Emma, leaving Simon as the only red Wiggle in the series until they find a second one.
  • This episode marks the first appearence of Paloma the Mermaid.
  • This is the first episode since Do The Twist! to be filmed on location.
  • This is the first episode where Say Goodbye, Pizza Pie! was not sung at the end.
  • One song from the album, When Joseph Was an Old Man, does not appear in this special.