CinderEmma! Fairytale is a Wiggles audiobook was released on April 30, 2016 in Australia.

Songs and Spoken Tracks

  1. Opening Announcement
  2. Introduction (Instrumental)
  3. Wiggles Introduction
  4. CinderEmma was a Kind-Hearted Girl
  5. Brush, Brush
  6. Hoppy the Frog
  7. Hoppy the Frog (Instrumental)
  8. Honey the Bee
  9. Honey the Bee (Instrumental)
  10. Dance the Ballet with Our Friends Introduction
  11. Dance the Ballet with Our Friends
  12. Garry the Glow-worm
  13. Garry the Glow-worm (Instrumental)
  14. Now All of My Garden Friends are Here
  15. Cinders Works with One Brush
  16. Cinders...What's All That Noise?
  17. I'm Fiona, I'm Forte
  18. You're Not Coming....You're Not Coming
  19. Fairy Godfather
  20. CinderEmma, just before you go...
  21. Fairy Godfather (Instrumental)
  22. As CinderEmma made her way to the Royal Ball..
  23. Prince Curly Locks Came Riding By
  24. Let's Go Riding with Ponso the Pony
  25. Handsome Prince Curly Locks
  26. Welcome to the Royal Ball
  27. And Then Prince Curly Locks turned around...
  28. Naughty Sisters Dance with the Prince
  29. Oh Ladies, Thank You for the Wonderful Dance...
  30. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  31. Prince Curly Locks Enjoyed Wishing Upon A Star
  32. Hello There Young Lady
  33. When Prince Curly Locks Gazed into CinderEmmas Beautiful Eyes...
  34. Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?)
  35. The Dance Had Finished...
  36. The CinderEmma and Prince Curly Locks Ländler
  37. Prince Curly Locks and Cinder Emma Were Having So Much Fun...
  38. CinderEmma Yoo-hoo!
  39. CinderEmma Was Reunited With Prince Curly Locks
  40. Overture (Instrumental)
  41. Closing Announcement



  • The introduction tracks are only listed on iTunes and the songs are listed in the booklet of the CD and on iTunes.