Communication is the twenty-third episode of Series 2.


Strange things are happening in Wiggle Town, when Captain Feathersword learns "Doggy Talk".


  1. Dorothy The Dinosaur (Tell Me Who Is That Knocking?) from Toot Toot!
  2. Wake Up Jeff! from The Wiggles Big Show
  3. Zardo Zap from Toot Toot!


Song 1: "Dorothy The Dinosaur (Tell Me Who Is That Knocking?)" (from Toot Toot!)

A man dressed up in a music outfit arrives at Wigglehouse with a tuning fork. He is Professor Singalottasonga and he is there to teach Flora Door how to sing. He has Flora sing a note, but Flora sings quietly, so he gets her to sing louder. After a few tries, he and Flora sing really loudly and wake up the entire neighbourhood. Wags and the Wagettes run around, Dorothy believes someone is in trouble at Wigglehouse, and Greg, Anthony and Murray come outside to see what is going on, all while not noticing the Professor. Dorothy, Wags and the Wagettes arrive at the Wigglehouse. Even Officer Beaples shows up and directs everyone's attention towards the Professor. After Flora explains everything, the Wiggles and Flora agree to have Flora take her lessons during the daytime and they'll use the back door. After the Professor leaves, the others realize that morning had come. But now they're all tired and fall asleep anyway. Jeff (who somehow wasn't woken up by the loud singing) comes out all refreshed and sees everyone is asleep, so he wakes everyone up!

Song 2: "Wake Up Jeff!" (from The Wiggles Big Show)

Captain Feathersword has been reading his dog tricks book studiously. He declares he is going to memorize this command. One of the pirates clarifies that he's going to memorize something. After a couple of tries, he memorizes a command and then proceeds to tell Wags that command. Wags picks him up and starts swinging him around in a dance. The command he memorized was dog talk for "let's do a polka dance together". This results in him and one of his crew members being thrown into the nearby shed.

Greg shows Anthony his new plan to lure that rabbit out of his hat. He has made a carrot glove! As Greg dangles the carrot glove over the hat, something grabs on. Greg quickly pulls... a rubber chicken!

Song 3: "Zardo Zap" (from Toot Toot!)

Murray and Jeff talk about Zardo Zap and how she lives on a planet far, far away. Jeff counts up the planets in our solar system. Murray then speculates maybe Zardo Zap can see us from her planet, and Murray starts waving. Jeff dismisses Murray's idea but then a message pops up in the clouds saying "Hello, Murray". Jeff quickly waves hello as well.

Flora Door is now singing during the day, which works out for everyone because the Wiggles and everyone can sing too as well as get a good night sleep.