“Cowboy Fun”
The Wiggles TV Series 11, Episode 4

March 20, 2020 (AUS)
October 8, 2020 (Canada)

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Shirley Shawn the Unicorn

Cowboy Fun is the fourth episode from The Wiggles' World!.


The Wiggles are busy putting on their shoes, taking their time and making sure their laces look fine. Anthony is off to Le James Cafe. Today's special is Cowboy Chili! Anthony and Wags learn how to eat the cowboy way. Wags the Dog plays a trick on Paul and he ends up with ice-cream all over his face. Oh Wags! Then it's off to wiggly arena with Lachy and Ponso the Pony. Let's go riding with Ponso the Pony. Yipee-aye-aye!


  1. Puttin' On Shoes
  2. Guessing the Secret Dish (Cowboy Chili)
  3. Paul the Waiter's Song (Cowboy Chili)
  4. Cowboy Chilli
  5. One More Dish ( Ice Cream Cake)
  6. Hornpipe (Instrumental/New recording)
  7. Let's Go Riding with Ponso the Pony (Live)
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