Cowboys and Cowgirls is a Wiggles song from the Top of the Tots video and album.


Put your western gear on
(Put your western gear on)
And we'll stroll along
With our big hats on
Singing a western song

(Cowboys and Cowgirls)
(Come on everybody)
(Cowdogs and cowbells)
(Even the cowdogs)
(Cowbelts and cowboots)
(And now we'll all boot scoot)

(This is fun! Boot scootin')

We can get use to this
The sun always shines
Make sure your hat's on tight
'Cause the wind it blows all day and all night

(Cowboys and Cowgirls)
(Cowdogs and cowbells)
(Cow belts and cow boots)
(And now we'll all boot scoot)

(Time to boot scoot everybody)

Yee hah!

Song Credits

Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page, John Field, Dominic Lindsay (Wiggly Tunes)

ReWiggled: A Tribute To The Wiggles

© 2011 The Audreys 2011. Exclusively licensed to Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Recorded at Yikesville, Melbourne. Recorded by Shane O'Mara.
The Audreys appear courtesy of ABC Music.


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