"Cream Pie Fun" is the twentieth episode of The Wiggles' World.


Dance Along with The Wiggles and Dorothy the Dinosaur at the Wiggly Arena. It's rainy and wet today, Emma looks inside her weather bag and finds lots of things to keep her dry: A raincoat, Gumboot and umbrella. Then it's time to take a plane ride to the Wiggle House. Anthony makes a delicious pie and remember when he was a Little Wiggle and Simon and Lachy ended up with pie cream on their faces. Oh Anthony!


  1. Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance?) (Live)
  2. The Weather Bag (Rain Equipment)
  3. Now It's Time to Fly to the Wiggle House
  4. Let's Take a Plane Ride 
  5. Anthony's Cream Pies
  6. Dorothy Pas De Deux (Live)