"Dance This Way" is the twenty-fourth episode of Series 6


The Wiggles take us off to the seven seas as they sing 'A Sailor Went to Sea' and the Wiggly Dancers dance along and even do some Irish dancing! As Prince Michael begins his journey to find his princess, follow along and meet some interesting characters along the way in 'Black Velvet Band'. Dress up in some funky outfits and join The Wiggles in grooving along to 'The Shimmie Shake!' As The Wiggles sing 'I Spy' they assist children with literacy skills such as, the sound of letters.


  1. A Sailor Went To Sea/Hornpipe (Taken from: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing)
  2. Black Velvet Band (Taken from: Sing a Song of Wiggles)
  3. The Shimmie Shake! (Taken from: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing)
  4. I Spy (Taken from: Getting Strong!)
  5. Miss Polly Had A Dolly (Taken from: Pop Go The Wiggles!)

Alternate Titles