Dorothy the Dinosaur and Anthony Wiggle


Dreg, Jorothy, Morothy

Danthony is a friendship between Dorothy and Anthony.



  • In Dorothy the Dinosaur (song), Anthony introduces Dorothy.
  • In a bonus skit of Yummy Yummy, Anthony gives Dorothy a new hat as a birthday present.
  • In Dancing, Dorothy makes a rose-petal stew to help Anthony Wiggle again.
  • In Manners, Dorothy recites a poem on how polite Anthony is.
  • In Family, Dorothy invites Anthony over to her garden. She mentions how much she likes Anthony, and decorated the garden to make it pleasing for Anthony. She tells Anthony that she wants to adopt him.
  • In Dressing Up, Dorothy makes a hat for Anthony. She brings it over while it's raining and feels upset because the hat she made for Anthony got soggy. But Anthony convinces her that he still loves the hat and it made him happy. And so did The Professional Wiggles because Anthony was very happy that Dorothy made her the hat.
  • In Directions, they are both stuck, and crying on Happy and Sad Street.
  • They both host Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet.
  • In Amazing Alpaca, Dorothy bring the rosy tea and a cream of rosy pie to share with Anthony.
  • In Ready, Steady, Wiggle! (TV Series 1), Dorothy and Anthony do the Anthony's Alphabet segment together.
  • In the Taking Off!: Live in Concert, Dorothy is held onto Anthony's legs during the "Getting Strong!" cue.