"Dorothy's Dance Party" is a Wiggles song about Dorothy inviting everyone to dance and party with her.



Big Red Car (album)

It's a dance party, it's Dorothy's dance party
Everyone's invited so come on to Dorothy's dance party

We're gonna shake, we're gonna shout
We're jumping in and out and turning around
Everyone's invited to this dinosaur party

Henry the Octopus
is doing his tentacle dance
Wags the Dog and Captain Feathersword
They're gonna be there


Dorothy the Dinosaur
is singing "Romp Bomp a Chomp" at the door
Henry, Wags and Captain Feathersword
They're gonna be there


1995 Prologue Transcript

Greg: "Hi Henry. Hi Dorothy."

Henry: "Hi Greg. Hi everybody. I'm on my way to Dorothy's Dance Party. See, I have my invitation."

Dorothy: "Greg, you're invited to my dance party too."

Greg: "Great!"

Dorothy: "Well everyone's invited to my dinosaur dance party."

Murray: "I'm going to the dance party."

Anthony: "Well I'm going to the dance party too."

Jeff: "We're all going to the dance party."

Greg: "Even Wags is going to the dance party. Well, we'll see you at the dance party everybody."

Song Credits

Published by EMI Music


  • In the original version, Anthony's brother John plays the guitar and provides the drum sequencing. Despite this, Anthony is shown playing an actual drumkit in the 1995 and 2006 music videos.
  • Emma Buter voices Dorothy in the 1995 version.
  • For the concert version, the verses that involve with The Wiggly Friends switch.
  • An instrumental version of this song is played in the photo gallery of Here Comes The Big Red Car DVD.
  • Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page, Dominic Lindsay, and Greg Truman's names appear in the song credits on Pop Go The Wiggles! but only John Field wrote this song all by himself.
  • The Sam Moran version of the song is played on the game Dance to the Wiggly Radio.
  • This is the first time where Jeff plays the keytar.


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