"Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance?)" is a Wiggles song that debuted in The Wiggles' 1996 video Wake Up Jeff!.


Song Lyrics

Dorothy: Come on, everybody! Let’s dance!



(All the Wiggles: Dorothy, would you like to dance with me?)


(All the Wiggles: Dorothy, would you like to dance with me?)

Well, first you take your hands, and you put them on your hips

You sway from side to side, and let your backbone slip


Well, next you turn your head, you turn it from side to side

Dorothy: This is fun!

Then you shake your hands, it's really out of sight

Chorus x2

Song Credits

Written and composed by Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field and Greg Page. Initially published by EMI Music, later Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd.


  • The back cover of the Wake Up Jeff! album added an unnecessary comma ("Dorothy, (Would You Like To Dance?)"). The booklet of that same album corrected this, and every appearance of the song since has not included the comma.
  • The original 1996 version didn't have keyboard music, but it featured additional guitars and percussion, including an acoustic guitar.
  • According to a Powerhouse Museum news clip, the song was rehearsed live in early 1996.
  • This is the quickest song to receive a re-recording, with the original recording being released in 1996, and the re-recording being released in 1997.
  • The 1996 version of the song is played on the games The Wiggles' Musical Instruments, Missing Hats Game, and Matching Instruments.
  • The 1997 instrumental track of this song that is played on The Wiggles in Disneyland, the Everybody Clap! Everybody Sing! documentary and A Wiggly Sing-Along Box Set has extra guitars throughout and extra keyboards at the beginning, as well as a cowbell during the chorus.
  • The song is played on the Dorothy The Dinosaur Kiddie Ride.
  • On Compliments of Brach's and The Wiggles, the song is titled as "Dorothy (Would You Like to Dance with Me?)".
  • This song has been preformed by the new generation at concerts, using the 1997 backing track for the 2012 "In Training" segments of the Christmas tour for that year, and then being played live in 2019. However, it has yet to receive a video or album release with the new generation's vocals (not counting a brief appearance in Wiggly Mash-Up). 


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