Dorothy the Dinosaur



Created by

Anthony Field

Written by

Kathleen Warren (Series 1 & 2)
Paul Field (Series 3)


Paul Field

Original Network


Opening Theme

I'm Dorothy the Dinosaur!

Closing theme

Teddy Bear Lullaby (instrumental - Series 3 only)

Dorothy the Dinosaur is the first Wiggles spin-off series that ran from 2007 to 2011.

The idea of a Wiggles product focused on Dorothy the Dinosaur and her friends, and without The Wiggles themselves, was first tested in 1999 with the release of The Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video, a clip show of TV Series 2. Although many Dorothy-based live tours followed, it took until 2007 for more projects based around Dorothy to continue, with the production of this series, launching a new sub-brand of videos, albums, tours and merchandise. This sub-brand was faded out in 2013 with the introduction of the current generation of Wiggles, including female Wiggle Emma whose own sub-brand has filled this gap.

Each episode is 7 minutes in length, the shortest length for a Wiggles series until Series 1 of Emma!

TV Series 1 (2007)


Title card

Series 1 showcases the daily life of Dorothy both in and around her house. In addition to recurring Wiggles friends Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Captain Feathersword often popping by for a visit, we meet Fairy Clare and Fairy Larissa, as well as little Fairy Lucia and baby Fairy Maria. Music in Dorothy’s garden is provided by her own Rosy Orchestra. One song is performed in each episode.

Much of the cast of previous Wiggles projects return for this series. Carolyn Ferrie voices Dorothy the Dinosaur and Mic Conway voices Wags the Dog, while Paul Paddick plays Captain Feathersword and voices Henry the Octopus. Fairies Clare and Larissa are played by longtime Wiggly Dancers Clare Field (niece of blue Wiggle Anthony) and Larissa Wright. Anthony’s daughters Lucia and Maria Field play the younger fairies. Wiggles music producer Dominic Lindsay is the conductor of the Rosy Orchestra, which includes his daughters Ashleigh and Kiara as band members, as well as Jessica Kiah and George Tseros.


  1. Captain Feathersword and the Dinosaur Book
  2. Wags Brings Hula Hoops
  3. Irish Dancing
  4. Henry Brings Seaweed for Dorothy's Garden
  5. A Gift for Captain Feathersword
  6. Wags and the Mirror
  7. Fairies in the Rain
  8. A Border of Shells
  9. Captain Feathersword Cooks
  10. Wags Does His Own Dance
  11. The Fairies Swing and Dance
  12. Henry and Dorothy Dance a Jig
  13. Captain Feathersword and the Beautiful Dancing Dinosaur
  14. Wags and Dorothy Have a Picnic
  15. Dancing Like Butterflies
  16. Henry and the Music
  17. Captain Feathersword Brings Some Vegetables
  18. Making Potpourri and Skipping
  19. Plants Need Sun
  20. Henry and the Pearl Shell
  21. Captain Feathersword and the Bear
  22. Dreaming
  23. Fairies Dance the Waltz
  24. Henry Sings a Song From Greece
  25. Captain Feathersword Sings a Hebrew Song
  26. Wags Sings "Poesje Mauw"

TV Series 2 (2008)


Title card

Series 2 contains many episodes with a similar formula to Series 1, while others involve Dorothy and a friend leaving her home to perform a task, where they meet a guest star with whom they sing a song. Guests include Leo Sayer as a doctor, Troy Cassar-Daley as a librarian, and Don Spencer as a postman.


  1. Vegetable Soup!
  2. Singing at the Library
  3. Captain Feathersword's Singing Lesson
  4. Dorothy Visits Doctor Leo
  5. Don the Postman
  6. Fairy Dancing
  7. Captain Feathersword Goes to the Dentist
  8. Francis the Flower Seller
  9. Dorothy's Singing Lesson
  10. Lettuce Sing
  11. Miss Rachael's Dancing Lesson
  12. Dorothy Speaks Warramiri
  13. Wags Gets a New Collar
  14. Irish Dancing With the Fairies
  15. Don the Postman Delivers a Parcel
  16. Captain Feathersword and the Hibiscus Flowers
  17. Skipping With the Fairies
  18. Wags Takes Singing Lessons
  19. I Look in the Mirror
  20. Henry Visits Easter Island
  21. Dorothy's Tutu
  22. Orchestral Strings
  23. Dorothy Has a New Dancing Dress
  24. Jumping and Running
  25. Wake Up Wags
  26. George and His Bouzouki

TV Series 3 (2010-2011)


Title card

Series 3, containing twice the amount of episodes as the previous series, takes quite a departure from the previous two. Although episodes feature many similar plots, as Dorothy is visited by her friends or goes with one to another location, the presentation is very different. Episodes are now narrated by Kendall Goddard, with no songs or dialogue from any of the characters, other than a brief song of Dorothy calling a friend each episode. Dorothy now has a car and plane she uses to get to new locations, which are usually other countries such as France and Italy.

Emma Pask takes over as voice of Dorothy, while Brad Carroll now portrays Captain Feathersword. The Fairies are now joined by young Elf Antonio, played by Lucia and Maria’s younger brother Antonio Field.


  1. Rosy Tea with Fairy Maria!
  2. Bunny Rabbits!
  3. Shoe Shop Shine!
  4. Dorothy’s Indian Gift
  5. Fairy Clare Goes to Ireland
  6. Walking with Wags
  7. Egyptian Papyrus!
  8. New Zealand Adventure!
  9. Dorothy Goes to the Grocer
  10. Dorothy and Lucia in Italy
  11. England Swings!
  12. Floral Fun!
  13. Elf Antonio Goes to Greece
  14. Dorothy and the Didgeridoo
  15. Yummy Canada Syrup
  16. Spain is Great!
  17. Vive la France!
  18. Fairy Clare's Ice Cream
  19. Dorothy Loves Hawaii
  20. Koala Time!
  21. Dorothy Goes to the Florist
  22. Burgers in the USA!
  23. Sunny South Africa
  24. Pretty Peru
  25. Elf Antonio at the Toy Shop
  26. Sensational Scotland
  27. Birthday Cake!
  28. Let's Travel to Russia
  29. Beautiful Brazil
  30. Marvelous Mexico
  31. Dorothy's Adventure in Japan
  32. Rosy Posy Cake
  33. Seaweed Tea
  34. Tasty Empandas from Chile!
  35. Fun on the Farm
  36. Beautiful Bulgaria
  37. Let's Go to Cambodia
  38. Octopus Bread
  39. Dorothy and the Tango Hat
  40. Fairy Clare's Hat
  41. Dorothy Travels to Vietnam
  42. Dorothy Sees the Philippines!
  43. Dorothy Visits China
  44. Library Laughs
  45. Tasty Korean Food!
  46. Croatia is Cool!
  47. Fairy Larissa's Beautiful Candles
  48. Germany is Great!
  49. Turkey is Tops
  50. Wonderful Wales
  51. Pretty Poland
  52. Sweet Sweden

Tie-in Videos

Several Dorothy the Dinosaur videos have been released between 2007 and 2012. The first of these, Dorothy the Dinosaur's Party was filmed and released around the time of Series 1 in 2007, featuring the same locations, costumes and cast. In it, Dorothy throws a party in her garden and invites all her friends to sing and dance. Dorothy the Dinosaur's Memory Book is a clip show of Series 2, with Dorothy and Wags looking through a scrapbook of Dorothy’s memories. Later Dorothy videos share no direct connection to the TV series beyond the use of its theme song and some characters such as Fairies Clare and Larissa.

Home Video Releases


Original iTunes Artwork for "Dorothy the Dinosaur, Special Edition" (Series 1 & 2)


Original iTunes Artwork for "Dorothy the Dinosaur's Wonderful World!" (Series 3)

Two DVD sets have been released in Australia and New Zealand. TV Series 1, as the name suggests, contains all 26 episodes of the first series, while the first 26 episodes of Series 3 were released on DVD and iTunes as "Dorothy the Dinosaur's Wonderful World!”. On iTunes, the latter is presented as one 3 hour long video, episodes can not be played individually.

Although no DVD set of Series 2 exists, all 26 episodes are sold together with Series 1 as “Dorothy the Dinosaur: Special Edition” on iTunes in 2 volumes. Because of their short length, the 7 minute episodes are paired in sets of 3, totaling 21 minutes, although the final "episode" of Volume 1 is in fact 4 episodes totaling 28 minutes.

"Special Edition" Episode List
Volume 1
  1. Episode 1 - Vegetable Soup!, Singing At The Library, Captain Feathersword's Singing Lesson (21:03)
  2. Episode 2 - Dorothy Visits Doctor Leo, Don the Postman, Captain Feathersword and the Dinosaur Book (21:05)
  3. Episode 3 - Fairy Dancing, Wags Brings Hula Hoops, Captain Feathersword Goes to the Dentist (21:04)
  4. Episode 4 - Irish Dancing, Francis the Flower Seller, Henry Brings Seaweed for Dorothy's Garden (21:03)
  5. Episode 5 - Dorothy's Singing Lesson, A Gift for Captain Feathersword, Lettuce Sing (21:01)
  6. Episode 6 - Wags and the Mirror, Miss Rachael's Dancing Lesson, Fairies in the Rain - (21:02)
  7. Episode 7 - Dorothy Speaks Warramiri, A Border of Shells, Wags Gets a New Collar - (21:02)
  8. Episode 8 - Captain Feathersword Cooks, Irish Dancing with the Fairies, Wags Does His Own Dance, Don the Postman Delivers a Parcel (28:04)

Volume 2

  1. Episode 1 - The Fairies Swing and Dance, Captain Feathersword and the Hibiscus Flowers, Henry and Dorothy Dance a Jig (21:05)
  2. Episode 2 - Skipping with the Fairies, Captain Feathersword and the Beautiful Dancing Dinosaur, Wags Takes Singing Lessons (21:02)
  3. Episode 3 - Wags and Dorothy Have A Picnic, I Look In The Mirror, Dancing Like Butterflies (21:02)
  4. Episode 4 - Henry Visits Easter Island, Henry and the Music, Dorothy's Tutu (21:03)
  5. Episode 5 - Captain Feathersword Brings Some Vegetables, Orchestral Strings, Making Pot Pourri and Skipping (21:02)
  6. Episode 6 - Dorothy Has a New Dancing Dress, Plants Need Sun, Jumping and Running! (21:03)
  7. Episode 7 - Henry and the Pearl Shell, Wake Up Wags, Captain Feathersword and the Bear (21:03)
  8. Episode 8 - George and his Bouzouki, Dreaming, Fairies Dance the Waltz (21:02)
  9. Episode 9 - Henry Sings a Song from Greece, Captain Feathersword Sings a Hebrew Song, Wags Sings 'Poesje Mauw’ (21:03)

Some episodes of Series 1 and 2 have been used as bonus features on various Wiggles and Dorothy the Dinosaur DVDs, many of which have to date been the only episodes available outside of region 4. The Blu-ray edition of Let's Eat! contained an episode of Series 3, marking the only time a Dorothy episode has been available to purchase in HD.



  • Although not appearing in this series, 3 of The Wiggles provided the music for Series 3, Murray Cook on Guitar, Jeff Fatt on Keyboards, and Anthony Field on the Bass and Bouzouki.
  • Greg Page wrote a lot of songs for Series 1 and 2 before he left.
  • The Wiggles didn't appear in this series, but they were the executive producers of Series 1 and 2
  • Kathleen Warren wrote the scripts for Series 1 and 2, while Anthony's brother Paul Field wrote the scripts for Series 3
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