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Try Emma! (TV Series 2) for her second series. See also Emma! 2: Emmatastic! and Emma! 2: Dance Spectacular!.

Emma! 2 is a Wiggles album that was released on September 27th, 2019. It is the soundtrack to the second series of Emma!, as well as a follow-up to the first Emma! album.


Hello there, my name is Emma. It's nice to see you today! I have chosen a selection of my favourite songs from the new Emma! series to share with you. Walk, jump, skip, dance or wheel your way to the garden as we visit dancing butterflies, frogs, kittens & ponies. The next bowtiful adventure is waiting for us inside the music box - I wonder what we will find. Also, pop on your dancing shoes as we try samba, salsa, ballet, tap, Highland, Irish & jazz. Listen out for the 'Five Fingered Family' in Tamil & In Anindilyakwa, the language of the Warnindilyakwa people that live on Groote Eylandt, Right at the top of Australia. My dear friend, Emily Wurramara, sings with me in Anindilyakwa. I'm so excited to feature new songs like the Greek nursery rhyme 'Mia Oréa Petalútha', 'Walking on the Moon' & 'Emma Baila Baila!'. Enjoy this "Emmatastic" music & have a bowtiful day!

Song Listing

  1. E-M-M-A Theme Song
  2. Emma's Hello Song
  3. Time To Walk To the Garden
  4. To the Park We'll Go With Our Bows
  5. Mia Oréa Petalútha
  6. Emma's Garden Minuet
  7. Galumph Went the Little Green Frog
  8. The Blackbird
  9. Five Fingered Family (Anindilyakwa) (feat. Emily Wurramara)
  10. Emma & Francisco Baila Salsa
  11. I Look In The Mirror
  12. Poesje Mauw
  13. Emma's Bowmobile
  14. Samba Go, Go, Go!
  15. Johnny Put The Kettle On
  16. In Emma's Dancing Room
  17. Gumboot Dance
  18. Butterfly Ballet
  19. Three Little Wrens
  20. Let's Take a Plane Ride
  21. Ponies
  22. Emma's Music Box
  23. Five Little Speckled Frogs
  24. Maranoa Lullaby
  25. Now's the Time for Dressing Up (Astronaut)
  26. Walking On The Moon
  27. I've Got My Glasses On!
  28. Haru Ga Kita
  29. What's In Emma's Bow Bag?
  30. Let's Go and See (The Smiling Scientist)
  31. Sink Or Float
  32. Emma Baila Baila!
  33. Five Fingered Family (Tamil)
  34. Emma's Goodbye Révérence