Emma! 2: Emmatastic!


November 27, 2019 (AUS)
March 3, 2020 (US)

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Emma! 2: Emmatastic! is a Wiggles DVD that was released on November 27th, 2019.


  1. To The Park We'll Go!
  2. The Mouse In The House
  3. Watching The Waves
  4. How Do You Do?
  5. Fly Through The Sky
  6. Watching the Ponies
  7. Garden of Daisies
  8. Five Speckled Frogs
  9. Ballet In The Garden
  10. Can You See The Busy Bees?
  11. Walking On The Moon
  12. Little Baby Lambs
  13. One Big Smile!


  1. To the Park We'll Go With Our Bows
  2. Port De Bras
  3. Poesje Mauw
  4. Butterfly Ballet
  5. Emma's Garden Minuet
  6. I'm Looking for a House (Wanted)
  7. Gumboot Dance
  8. Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush
  9. Michaud
  10. Watching The Waves
  11. Stoney Point Tap
  12. Irish Washerwoman
  13. Five Fingered Family (Tamil)
  14. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  15. Mia Oréa Petalútha
  16. I Like Scary Nights
  17. Fly Through The Sky
  18. Emma Baila Baila!
  19. Haru Ga Kita
  20. Little Fishies
  21. Ponies
  22. The Rhyming Song
  23. Garden of Daisies 
  24. I Really Like Goats
  25. Tendu
  26. Fisher Folk
  27. Bowtiful Mime
  28. Swinging On A Swing
  29. Five Little Speckled Frogs
  30. Rises
  31. The Watchmaker
  32. Balla Balla Bambina
  33. The Garden Ballet Medley
  34. Emma's Fa La Nina
  35. Emma & Francisco Baila Salsa
  36. Springtime
  37. Here Comes a Bear
  38. We're Going on a Bear Hunt
  39. Samba Go, Go, Go!
  40. Three Little Wrens
  41. Teddy Bear's Lullaby
  42. Walking On The Moon
  43. Arcadian Two Step
  44. The Sheep Ballet (Click Go The Shears)
  45. Johnny Put The Kettle On
  46. Five Fingered Family (Greek)
  47. Sur le Pont d'Avignon Avec Emma
  48. The Story Of Anthony Rowley
  49. I Look In The Mirror
  50. In Emma's Dancing Room

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  • The DVD was originally going to contain the episode When I Go To School. This version was submitted for classification, and although it was approved and classified G, The Wiggles still decided to remove it for unknown reasons. One Big Smile! took the place of that episode on this DVD, and it would not be included in the follow up release, Emma! 2: Dance Spectacular!, making it the only episode from series 2 not available on DVD. [1][2]


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