“Emma's Missing Bow (Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 2 episode)”
Ready, Steady, Wiggle! TV Series 2, Episode 41

January 26, 2015


Talking Cow, Scrubby, Dub, Dub, Emma's Special Bow, Michael Finnegan

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Emma's Missing Bow is the 41st episode from Ready, Steady, Wiggle! (TV Series 2).

It shares its name with an episode from the previous series, with a similar plot (both revolve around Emma losing her bow in an obvious spot, and someone must help her find it).


  1. Welcome to the Wigglehouse (Handstand)
  2. Talking Cow (from Wiggle House)
  3. Scrubby, Dub, Dub (from Furry Tales)
  4. Emma's Special Bow (Wigglehouse performance)
  5. Michael Finnegan (from Apples & Bananas)

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Differences to the previous series

  • in the previous version, Emma loses her bow on her nose, but in this episode, she sneezes causing her bow to fall off her head and on her bouquet of roses
  • Anthony and Lachy called Dr. Simeon in the previous version, whereas in this episode, all the Wiggles called Lucia, Maria, Antonio, and Chief Inspector Hawk
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