Emma's Missing Glasses is the eleventh episode of Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 3.


Emma wants to read the other Wiggles a book, but she can't find her glasses! They all try and help her find them.


Bok the Hand Puppet

Lachy and Bok are reading a book together, However, when it comes to Bok's turn to read, Bok is unable to as he finds the words too blurry. Just as Bok feels disappointed, Lachy reassures Bok and tells him that he needs a pair of glasses to see the words on the book more clearly. Thankfully, Jeff is able is help Bok out by making a special pair of glasses for Bok to read. And this time, Bok is now able to read the story with his glasses on.

Wiggle Town

After Simon greets us, he mentions how he can walk to the edge of the grass from Flora Door in 2 big steps, 6 small steps and one big jump. Lachy comes in, and tells us how his binoculars help him to see Captain Feathersword from his pirate ship bigger and closer, but his glasses make the Captain look smaller and further away. Anthony then shows us a seashell and demonstrates how he can hear the ocean when placed close to his ear, and how he doesn't when taken away.

Meanwhile, Emma comes in reading her book and as she greets the other Wiggles, she tells them her problem of being unable to read her book clearly without her glasses. Having not seen Emma's glasses anywhere, The Wiggles decide to help Emma find them. First, Simon asks Emma to recall where she had been so far. Emma then remembers having visited Dorothy for some rosy tea, playing ball with Wags, spinning with Henry, dancing with Shirley Shawn and dancing the highland fling with Captain Feathersword, all while having her glasses on.

With that, Anthony suggest The Wiggles look around Wigglehouse for Emma's glasses, but to no avail. That is, when Lachy hands over Emma another pair of glasses that he found earlier on Captain Feathersword's ship, which just so happens to be Emma's glasses. After finding the glasses at last, The Wiggles all gather around to read Emma's book together.

Song - Henry's Merengue


  1. To Have A Tea Party (Short Instrumental, backing track taken from Dial E For Emma!)
  2. Wiggle at Home! (Short Instrumental)
  3. Henry's Christmas Merengue (Short Instrumental)
  4. Shirley Shawn the Unicorn (Short Instrumental)
  5. The Road To The Isles (Do The Highland Fling) (Short Instrumental, backing track taken from Dance Dance!)
  6. Henry's Merengue