"Emma's Weather Bag" is the twelfth episode of The Wiggles' World.


Today starts with Hot Potato at the wiggly arena. Captain Feathersword reads the weather report and it's a blow me down weather day. Emma goes into her weather bag and finds a jacket, a scarf, and lip balm for her drive in the bow mobile to the wiggle house. Lachy has been up since dawn worrying about dear Shirley Shawn because he ripped a picture drawn by Vaughn. Wow, it's Rhyme time.


  1. Hot Potato (Live)
  2. My Weather Bag (Windy Weather Equipment)
  3. Keeping the Wind at Bay
  4. Emma's Bowmobile
  5. Shirley Shawn the Unicorn (Short version, taken from The Wiggles' Big Ballet Day!)
  6. The Toilet Song (The Cartoon Wiggles)