Emma Ryan (b. April 9, 1989 in Sydney, Australia) was one of the people in The Wiggles. She has a sister named Sian and lives in London.


Emma Ryan's outfits

  • a Irish dress with blue, white, magenta, and green patterns on it.
  • a black dress with gray flowers and tiny white flowers on It, and a black hat.
  • a maroon dress with a white collar.
  • a new Irish dress with purple, white, mint green, ruby red, and cadet blue patterns on it.
  • a wiggly colored dancer.
  • a white dress, with black pants.
  • a elf costume.
  • a shepherd costume.
  • a white shirt with a maroon tie and gray overall dress.
  • a peach tank top and peach pants, with orange ribbon bows on her hair.
  • a dress with dark blue, yellow, pink, black, white, and green spirals on her dress.
  • a light yellow t-shirt, with black shorts, with white dots on her pants, and a pirate hat.
  • a duck costume.
  • a school uniform outfit.
  • a beach outfit.
  • a white shirt with white pants with black dots.


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