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Emma Watkins
Emma Watkins


September 21, 1989 (age 31)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


5' 4" (1.63 m)


Emma Wiggle
Shirley Shawn the Unicorn
Dorothy the Dinosaur
Wags the Dog

Years active



Lachlan Gillespie (2016-2018)

Emma Olivia Watkins (born September 21, 1989) is the current yellow Wiggle.

History with The Wiggles

In December 1996, she and her sister Hayley attended a Wiggles concert at the Seymour Centre. She was seven years old at the time. This same concert was released on VHS the next year, Wiggledance!. She can be spotted dancing in the audience during Get Ready To Wiggle.

Emma began performing with the Wiggles in 2010, as Fairy Larissa in Dorothy the Dinosaur concerts and videos. She later went on to play Wags the Dog and Dorothy the Dinosaur, and be a Wiggly Dancer in Wiggles tours by 2011. She voiced Dorothy during PBS Kids Sprout her voice was heard in Dino-Mite Valentines Day Promo.

In May 2012, it was announced that she would replace Greg Page as the yellow Wiggle in 2013.

As a Wiggle, she wears a wig, with a bow in it and is tied into pigtails. Bows would become her motif and a major part of her own brand. She primarily sings and plays the drums, but can also play some guitar.

In June 2015, her own show Emma! premiered on ABC Kids, with a tie-in album, DVD and tour.

Personal Life

In March 2015 she and purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie announced they had been in a relationship for about two years. In May of that year, she and Lachy got engaged, and married in April 2016. In August 2018, She and Lachy announced they were getting a divorce.

In April 2021 she and Oliver Brian got engaged.


  • Brush Your Pet's Hair is the first Wiggles song Emma ever wrote.
  • She is the second shortest of all of the Wiggles shortest being Kylie who only appeared in 2009.
  • She along with the other new-gen Wiggles Lachy and Simon all toured with both previous generations (Greg-era and Sam-era original Wiggles) in addition to their own.
  • When in shows, Emma uses a wig (as her hair is in curls).
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