Emma is the yellow Wiggle who replaced Greg in 2013. She is also the first female Wiggle, although most international Wiggles groups had female members such as AnniVivi, Zoe and Katty before she was a Wiggle. This basically means that Emma is the first (official) female Wiggle from Australia. Emma is younger than Greg and Sam. She is the shortest out of the current Wiggles. As opposed to Greg and Sam, she lead sings the least songs and usually slides into Anthony's former role of the lead drummer; although she can lead sing if necessary.


  • Emma wears glasses in real life and when she's a Wiggle, she wears contacts though she wore glasses during the song "I Got My Glasses On" as well as a number of episodes from the TV series since 2013.
  • Emma and Anthony switch between the drums in videos.
  • Emma knows lots of different Sign Languages, mainly AUSLAN - Australian Sign Language.
  • Emma can speak French fluently.
  • She loves to dance ballet.
  • Emma usually wears a pigtail hairstyle, but in some videos such as Taking Off!, Pumpkin Face and Wiggle House, she wears a bun hairstyle as the songs take place in the United Kingdom.
  • She is one of the Wiggles (along with Greg, Jeff and Sam) who has played all three main instruments.
  • She is a popular girl Wiggle because she is the first female Wiggle of the core group (first female Wiggles as a whole were Anni and Vivi of The Taiwanese Wiggles).
  • She is the only Wiggle besides Lachy that wasn't an understudy before becoming an official Wiggle.
  • During shows, she is often presented with custom bows made by fans.
  • She has her own set of vehicles including a car called The Bow Mobile and a plane.
  • A lot of times during concerts, her belt breaks sometimes.
  • She is currently the youngest Wiggle.
  • She wears a headband.
  • According to Emma's Missing Bow, she is the second yellow Wiggle to sometimes be allergic to the smell of flowers, after Greg according to Bubbles

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