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Try Dance a Cachucha!, the 16th episode of the 22-minute version of this series.
“Episode 16 (Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles!)”
The Wiggles TV Series 3, Episode 16

October 21, 2002

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This is the 16th episode of the 11-minute version of TV Series 3.

Although no official title was given to it by The Wiggles, it was called "Australian Music" by Sprout.


"Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?)" Of course, when you're wiggling with Greg, Anthony, Murray and Jeff! Hear an instrument that makes animal noises and help Captain Feathersword decide what to eat! When you wiggle, it's always fun!


  1. Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?)
  2. Rolling Down The Sandhills/Running Up The Sandhills


  • In North America, this episode was featured on the Lights, Camera, Action! DVD in 2005, but the footage was cropped from 16:9 to 4:3 to match the aspect ratio of the two TV Series 2 episodes on that DVD.
  • Music with Murray appears in this even-numbered episode instead of Anthony's Workshop. This is because a reference to the Anthony's Workshop from Episode 15 is made, and thus Anthony's Workshop had to appear in an episode first.
  • This is the only Network Wiggles episode where Anthony and Captain both appear together during the Captain's Magic Buttons segment and the Where's Jeff? game show. Also during Where's Jeff?, Anthony says "Ni Hao Ma", which means "Hello" in Mandarin.