Yellow circle on a purple background. This one's different, it's a red triangle.
This one's different, it's a black rectangle. This one is just plain blue.
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Try Everybody's Dancing, the 8th episode of the 22-minute version of this series.

This is the 8th episode of the 11-minute version of TV Series 3.

Although no official title was given to it by The Wiggles, it was called "Garden Fun" by Sprout.


  1. Hot Potato
  2. Let's Make Some Rosy Tea


  • This episode was featured on the It's a Wiggly Wiggly World! DVD in 2005, but it was cropped to 4:3 to match the DVD's actual aspect ratio.
  • Greg says "Hello" in Italian during Where's Jeff?, as it stands for "Ciao, amichi".