Everybody's Here is a song about seeing The Wiggly Friends in Taking Off!. It was first shown as a bonus feature in Celebration! and like Here Come Our Friends and Up, Down, Turn Around, it was written by Greg Page.

Song Lyrics

Everybody, I just saw
Dorothy the Dinosaur
Eating roses, dancing round
That's what I saw

Everybody, I can see
Henry in the deep blue sea
With his underwater band
That's what I see

So come with me
We'll see the Wiggles' friends
Doing what they love to do
Don't you

Captain's going to the sale
To buy his ship a brand new sail
Hope that brand new sail won't fail
Bought from a sale

So come with me
We'll see the Wiggles' friend
Doing what they love to do
Don't you?

Everybody, stop and stare
Wags is sitting on the stair
Having dreams of eating bones
He's on the stair

Everybody, come with me
We'll see our friends so full of glee
Doing what they love to do
So happily

Song Credits

Greg Page (Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd)


  • Like Do the Propeller!, the preview version of this song used on the 2012 DVD Celebration! has a different music track, as well. In it, it omits the drums, which are heard on the released mix.
  • The DVD version omits the voices of The Wiggly Friends.
  • The scene of Anthony and The Wiggly Friends was filmed in an auditorium.
  • The Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle! TV Series changed the verse about Wags, which he has scruffy hair rather than sitting on the stairs.


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