"Exercising with Our Friends" is the second episode of Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 3.


It's Exercise Day and Bok and Anthony are visited by a world-famous physical instructor.


Bok the Hand Puppet

Anthony realizes Bok feeling a bit lethargic and does not know what to do. Anthony then introduces Bok to David, a world-famous physical instructor who teaches Bok some exercises to make him feel energetic.

Wiggle Town

Today is Exercise Day in Wiggle Town and The Wiggles are all warming up to start exercising. However, Simon suggest that everyone does their favourite kind of exercise moves for the rest to follow along shortly after. Emma starts off, showing everyone the demi-plie, then Anthony shows everyone his eyebrow dancing exercises, Lachy demonstrates hopping on one leg and Simon does a round of his favourite game - "Simon Says".

Following that, Emma decides that they all go and check on their friends to see what their favourite exercise moves are. They then go and visit Dorothy first, but check up on Officer Beaples beforehand to cross the road safely, through song. Following that, Anthony accompanies Simon together to cross the road, with Lachy and Emma following behind.

Upon arriving at Dorothy's Garden, Dorothy tells the Wiggles her favourite exercise move, the lawnmower. Following that, The Wiggles visit Wags at his kennel, and find out his favourite exercise move, the downward dog. Then, they meet Henry and Shirley Shawn and find out their favourite exercise moves, with Henry's being the windmill and Shirley Shawn's being her unicorn dance. Finally, they meet up with Captain Feathersword, to find out his favourite exercise move being the plank.

Back at Wigglehouse, Flora commences the exercise class as The Wiggles and their friends all gather there to do their own exercises.

Song: Dorothy the Dinosaur


  1. Demi Plié (Short)
  2. I Hop
  3. Simon Says (Short)
  4. Look Both Ways (Short)
  5. Captain's Favourite Exercise Move
  6. Captain's Barnyard Dance (Short Instrumental version)
  7. Dorothy the Dinosaur (Audio taken from: Lullabies with Love, with an additional fade out)