I'm Foodman!
“Foodman (episode)”
The Wiggles TV Series 1, Episode 2

August 7, 1998 (AU)
September 24, 2002 (US)


Hot Potato
Teddy Bear Hug
D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. My Favourite Dinosaur

Approx. Running Time

12:09 (Sprout)
20:14 (TS1CBS)

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Anthony's Friend


Murray's Shirt

Foodman is the 2nd episode of TV Series 1.


Anthony watches a TV show about a superhero, which inspires him to pretend to be one. Dorothy brings a rose petal cake and Anthony wants everyone to eat healthy. Since making sure everyone eats healthy is his superpower, Anthony cuts Dorothy a tiny slice of Dorothy's dessert. Then hypocritically, Anthony eats up all the cake, causing him to get a tummy ache. He dreams of Foodman wanting Anthony to eat healthy again so Anthony learns his lesson. They also sing about Hot Potatoes, Cold Spaghetti, and Mashed Bananas.

Song List

  1. Hot Potato
  2. Teddy Bear Hug
  3. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favourite Dinosaur)


Series Intro

Song 1: Hot Potato (from Yummy Yummy)

Red & Yellow Transition

Kindergarten Text Types

Kids make a collage out of paper clothes and different things, including cutting out green legs.

Star Transition


The episode starts off with Murray serving peas on the Wiggles' plates one at a time. Greg asks Murray if he can hurry up because he's very hungry. Murray responds that Anthony hasn't arrived yet, then Greg tells him that since Anthony eats so much, the others never get enough to eat and that this is an opportunity for the Unforgotten Wiggles to have a good meal without Anthony eating it all. Murray then asks what Anthony is doing and Jeff answers with watching a television show about his favorite superhero. Anthony is imitating the moves Foodman is making on TV (not shown in episode). Anthony then wonders how great it would be to be a superhero like Apple Boy or Fruit Salad Man. He loves food! That's it! He's Foodman! Anthony later returns to the table and starts acting like a superhero. Starting off with calling the other Wiggles "citizens", then he praises Murray's choice of serving peas and Murray, sounding confused, thanks him. Greg then asks him what's up and he goes to a spot in Wigglehouse, spins around a few times, and ends up in a superhero costume and replies "I'm Foodman!" and the others reply with "Foodman?" Then Anthony goes "That's right Foodman. Able to eat tall sandwiches with a single bite, faster to the table than a speeding train, I am Foodman, the hungry hero!"

Wiggly Trivia

  • Will Foodman save the day?
  • Do the Wiggles need saving?
  • If not, can he save himself?

We later come back to the scene where Murray is serving peas (just like before) and Foodman comes in and takes a piece of bread that was on Jeff's plate and gives some positive features and gives permission to serve it. Then Dorothy comes in carrying a cake and greets the Wiggles. Foodman asks her what she has and she replies with "It's a special cake. Yummy for my tummy Anthony, Yummy for my tummy!" Anthony then asks her if she was planning to eat the whole thing and then he cuts only a small slice for her leaving Dorothy a little sad saying, "If you say so". Foodman later comes back to the table, Jeff falls asleep, and Greg finally replies that he's not hungry anymore and that the food is already cold. Foodman then suggest to heat the food up. Murray loses track of counting and has to start again like he did in the beginning and Greg rushes to his room with Murray coming after him. Foodman, now free of anyone in the room starts eating Dorothy's cake and then he enters a dream surrounded by food then the real Foodman replies that he eats sensibly and that Anthony will get a stomach ache from eating the cake. Anthony replies that his stomach does hurt and he wakes up. Anthony later decides that it's not a good idea to eat too much, then he asks Dorothy about the type of cake she made and she replies with "Rose Petal Cream Cake!" and Anthony gets surprised and asks if the cake was made of roses and Dorothy replies with "My favorite food!" which leaves Anthony moaning while Dorothy and the other Wiggles laugh.

Red & Purple Transition

Snail Transition

Henry the Octopus Puppet Show

Henry the Octopus tells his friends about outer space.

Captain Feathersword's Pirate Show

Captain Feathersword tries to set the pirate cartwheel record when a storm arrives. The howling winds make his voice high pitched. Wags uses a fan to return Captain's voice to normal, but then the storm comes back. This time, Captain hides behind Wags so the wind can't change his voice again. It works, and the storm heads out to sea. Captain continues trying to set the record, but he accidentally cartwheels off the deck.

Paint Rollers Transition

Wiggly Chase Scene

The Tennis Ball Chase: The Wiggles are playing tennis when the ball is thrown high into the air. Captain Feathersword comes by on his bike and catches the ball in his mouth. The Wiggles, Henry, Wags, Officer Beaples, and Dorothy chase after him.

Alternate titles

  • The Moon and Stars (Sprout title)


Video Now Jr release in 3 Disc Pack with Bob the Builder and Barney discs

  • When the Wiggles pledge allegiance to Foodman, they are humming the melody to "Fruit Salad".
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Foodman. He appeared again in Toot Toot!. In Cold Spaghetti Western and Hot Poppin' Popcorn, he is played by Paul Paddick.
  • Anthony transforms into Foodman by spinning around. This is a reference to how Diane Prince transforms in the 1970's Wonder Woman TV series.
  • This episode was released on the TV Series 1 Collector's Box Set as a 20-minute version, which has Teddy Bear Hug and the Wiggly Trivia removed.
  • In the PVD, the song "Hot Potato" is duplicated in different versions.
  • Dorothy is absent in the Taiwanese version.
  • Teddy Bear Hug is absent on the Box set due to copyright reasons by Raffi, the person who originally wrote this song as well as others.
  • The music that plays when Dorothy appears is the same tune that plays in The Wiggles Movie when she is welcomed at her birthday party.
  • Foodman says he's "able to eat tall sandwiches with a single bite" and "faster to the table than a speeding train". This is a reference to the Superman phrases "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" and "faster than a speeding bullet" respectively.


  • In the original version of this episode, during the 36 seconds as the transition appears it switches to the Kaz the Cat segment and also whlist in the 25 seconds as the star transition appears it switches to the Wigglehouse segment at the wrong time whilst the version that aired in the US and the UK, The Kaz the Cat intro is seen only for a second before it switches to the Kindergarten Text Types segment.
  • On the TV Box set Version, you can hear the Wiggly Trivia music for a split second before it cuts to the next scene.
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