Anthony, Foodman and the Wiggly Chefs

Foodman is a Wiggles song from the Cold Spaghetti Western album and the Cold Spaghetti Western video.

Song Lyrics

Foodman (Foodman)
Hello citizens, I'm the good foodman
Foodman (Foodman)
(That's me, I love healthy food)
Foodman (Foodman)
(Yum, yum, yum)
(That's me!)
When it's cooking time

(Ah huh)
And you need some kitchen help
(I love cooking time)
He's the man to call
(I'm the man, everybody)
A superhero like no one else
(That's right, citizens)

'Cause he's the Foodman (Foodman)
Yo yo, I'm the good foodman
Foodman (Foodman)
Hasta la pasta, baby
Foodman (Foodman)
(That's me!)

Fry, bake or boil
He can show you the way
(I'll show you the way, citizens)
Fruit salad or veggies too
(I love veggies)
He tests them for freshness everyday

'Cause he's the Foodman
(Yo, yo, I'm the good foodman)
Foodman (Foodman)
Foodman (Foodman)
(That's me)
(Oh, I love healthy food)

Would you like beet root?
(Oh that sounds great, citizens)
Would you like zucchini?
(I love zucchini)
Would you like corn cobs?
(Corn cobs? That sounds fantastic)
Would you like crunchy munchy honey cakes?
(I love food, c'mon!)

Foodman (Foodman)
(Yo, yo, I'm the good foodman)
Foodman (Foodman)
(It's great to be of service, citizens)
Foodman (Foodman)
(Eat healthy)
(That's me)

Song Credits

Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page, John Field, Dominic Lindsay (Wiggly Tunes)
Vocals: Greg Page
Guitar: John Field, Colin Watson
Bass: Chris Lupton
Drums: Tony Henry
Percussion: Steve Machamer
Keyboards: Jeff Fatt, Steve Blau
Backing Vocals: "The Manzillas" (Paul Paddick, Craig Abercrombie, Brett Clarke, Sam Moran & Simon Pryce)
Musical Arrangements: The Wiggles, Dominic Lindsay
Recorded and mixed at Electric Avenue Studios, Sydney, Australia by Robin Gist
Mastered at Studios 301 by Don Bartley


  • Anthony is the only Wiggle in this song.
  • This song is named after Anthony's superhero.
  • Paul Paddick plays Foodman in this song.
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