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"Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy!" is the ninteenth episode of Series 3.


Watch as Captain Feathersword makes different animal sounds with his magic buttons.


Network Wiggles News

Dorothy heads to a local zoo to see reptiles. In weather, Captain Feathersword announces a fluttering of ferns. In sports, Henry, Dorothy, Wags, and Captain Feathersword head to the park to do tug of war.

Wiggly Community Service Announcement

Jeff is in the park but the sun is bothering his face. He finds that hats will do good in shielding his eyes from the sun while keeping his head at a cool temperature.


  1. Captain's Magic Buttons
  2. Swim Like A Fish
  3. Dancing In The Sand
  4. Taba Naba
  5. Dressing Up


  • There is no Music with Murray segment in this episode.
    • The 11-minute version of Episode 37 contains an otherwise unused Music with Murray segment that would have logically been placed here.
  • The opening scene is reused from the two episodes "Captain's Magic Buttons" and "Swim Like a Fish".
  • This is the first episode to introduce a new song since Everybody's Dancing, that song being "Captain's Magic Buttons".
  • The Reptiles title which was used by Playhouse Disney was later used by Sprout for the 37th episode of the 11-minute version of this series.
  • After Dorothy's news report is over in Network Wiggles News and back to Greg, Greg jumps and says "Crikey" (which is a phrase that Steve Irwin says) when he sees a crocodile figure on his desk.
  • During Where's Jeff?, Murray says "Hello" in Japanese, as it stands for "Konnichiwa".
  • This episode has two community service announcements. One is Hats and the other one is At the Movies.
  • This episode has two scenes of Greg and his Mirror Clone. One is Greg Plays Ball with his Mirror Clone (Wiggly Sports Theme) and the other one is Greg and his Mirror Clone Scaring Each Other.
  • This episode has two scenes of Wiggly Camera Workers, the first is boy pointing action and the second is the girls on cameras.
  • This episode aired on Playhouse Disney after the Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas DVD was released in America.