Fun at Wigglehouse is the 26th episode of the 11-minute version of Wiggle and Learn.


  1. Oranges And Lemons (from Pop Go The Wiggles!)
  2. Move Your Arms Like Henry (Gawa Version)


Anthony is outside Wiggle House juggling when Henry arrives with his travel bag in hand (tenacle). When asked if he's going somewhere, Henry says he's going to Gawa. Anthony wonders that hadn't he already been there before, and Henry says yes, but he had such a great time singing and dancing that he's going back to visit. The people of Gawa are going to show Henry their Fish Dance and school. Anthony says Henry's sure to have a good time, and believes that they have their own language in Gawa. Henry explains that they do, Warramirri, but they speak English too. Anthony wonders where Gawa is, Henry tells him that it's in Northern Australia and he's taking an airplane. Anthony now remembers and suggests that Sam can take him to the airport in the Big Red Car.

Music plays as Sam drives Henry to the airport. With a wave and a thank you, Henry climbs into the airplane and off he goes. Bon voyage, Henry! A graphic shows the airplane flying across Australia, then footage of Henry landing in Gawa, taking a walk on the beach and dancing on some rocks. As the music fades, Henry on a beach greets us and teaches us the Warramirri word for octopus. He says he's off to the fish trap and is sure to meet somewhere there to tell him all about it.

Arriving at the fish trap, Henry encounters Elders and children who welcome him. Henry asks about what they do there and how they fish, along with some more Warramirri words. He asks them to show him how to catch fish in the fish trap. Henry watches the children practice spearing fish.

A child offers to show Henry their school, which is filled with children.