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Logo: On a white background, a paperbag with a face and cut at the top in the middle laughs while moving to the right before freezing. As it does, a purple oval is formed behind it. The letters "N" (in green), "A" (in pink), "U" (in yellow), "G" (in teal), "F" (in blue), and "B" (in red) respectively fall from the top of the screen to spell "FUNBAG", all in a crooked position separated from each other. Variants

An in-credit version appears on The Mole Sisters and Faireez.

Another in-credit version appears on Toad Patrol but with a black background, and the letters are all in a different color; the "F" in red, the "U" in purple, the "N" in orange, the "B" in blue, the "A" in yellow, and the "G" in green.


Completely animated. 

Music and Sounds

The Ending of The Shows Theme.


Rare. Seen on Anthony Ant, the last two seasons of Freaky StoriesToad Patrol, 1 Episode of Seven Little Monsters, The Mole SistersKing, Awkward and Faireez.

Scare Factor: None, it's a peaceful logo.


Logo: On a beige woven background, the same paperbag from before appears but is now completely still and the oval is dark blue with a black border. "FUNBAG" appears below jiggling in large 3-D letters (resembling alphabet fridge magnets) with each one out of position and in a different color; the "F" in purple, the "U" in red, the "N" in green, the "B" in orange, the "A" in blue, and the "G" in light green. "ANIMATION STUDIOS" appears underneath in light yellow. 

FX: None It's a Still Variant.

Music/Sounds: Same As Above.

Appears On: Ultra rare. Seen on For Better or Worse and the second and third series of Awkward.

Scare Factor: None, like the original logo.