Greg Wiggle and Anthony Wiggle


Best friends


Janthony, Grurray, Greff, Anthurray

Granthony (Greg and Anthony) is friendship between Anthony and Greg.


  • They are both Awake Wiggles.
  • They are both Original Wiggles.
  • Anthony is shorter than Greg.
  • Anthony is 9 years older than Greg Page, same with Simon Pryce.
  • They are both Non-realistic Wiggles.
  • They both are married with children. Anthony has three. Greg has 6 in all (3 that he is a father of and 3 that he is a stepfather too)
  • They both can play the guitar and drums.
  • They sit in the front seat of the Big Red Car.
  • When getting coloured shirts back in 1992, both Greg and Anthony wanted to be the blue wiggle so they had a race through the department store to the blue shirt. "Ha, victory! I'm not sure if Pagey ever really liked yellow" Anthony states.
  • In Big Red Car-1995 and Yummy Yummy-1998, Anthony was a very helpful assistant in Greg's Magic Skits. But in TV series 2, 4, and 5, he isn't very helpful around Greg when he does his magic tricks. Greg also teaches Anthony about magic, and pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
  • Anthony brought Greg to Macquarine University (Where they studied what they needed to know for being Wiggles) when Greg was currently a roadie for The Cockroaches.
  • They are both songwriting partners.
  • They were both magicians.
  • Brett Clarke has filled in for them in 2003 and 2005.
  • Morgan Crowley has filled in for them in the late 1990's and the early 2000's.
  • In 2004, one of Anthony's nieces, Carla Field, was upset about his broken wrist during the Santa's Rockin'!, despite that her father John Field took her to one. The same thing happened again in 2006 when Greg retired while Sam took his place, due to orthostatic intolerance, although she did go to the Racing to the Rainbow Show.
  • They both grew a beard.
  • The Granthony colour is blue; Greg's favourite colour is blue and Anthony wears blue.