Guess What? is a song from the Wake Up Jeff! album. It later appears in the remake video as Wiggly Animation. In this song, Greg asks questions and gives clues that describe specific furniture.




I've got some questions for everybody. See if you can guess what these things are.

What's really cool and keeps things very cold?
It's white and its where your food can live
When you open up the door, the light always comes on
It's in the kitchen, yep, it's a fridge

Oh a fridge
Well what's next Greg?
Here comes one for you

What has four legs and a very flat top?
It's in your house and it's really stable (stable)
It may be made of wood, you can have your dinner there
It's very useful, it's a table

Oh a table
Yeah, see if you can guess this next one
What's next Greg?

What's really soft and very warm too?
It's got a place for you to lay your head (Uh-huh)
It's got blankets and sheets, it's where you go to sleep
I think you've guessed it - yep it's a bed

A bed
Yeah, it's very cozy
Oh no Greg.
Have a listen.
(Jeff snoring)
Jeff's falling asleep
Jeff's always falling asleep. Oh dear
Can you hear that snoring?
I sure can
Oh no!
He's funny that Jeff, always falling asleep
(Jeff snoring continues)


"Tengo preguntas para todos. A ver si pueden adivinar. Que cosas son?"

Muy frio es, mantienen fresco todo

Es blanco y tu comida viva ahi

Cuando lo tienes que abrir, una vez se aprendera

Esta en la cocina.... Si, es un refiere!

"El refrigerador. Asi que, Fernandito."

"Estas para ti?"

Tiene quatro patas y de rivalizar es

Es en tu casa y siempre en esta vida

De madera puede ser, esto to comes tu

Es muy util.... Si, es la mesa!

"Oh, una mesa!"

"Si. Ahora, a ver si puedes mirar lo que sigue!"

Muy suave es y calientita asi

Era un lugar donde pones tu cabeza

Tiene semanas y cobertura y aqui puedes dormir

Adivinaste? Si, es el cama!

"Una cama? Si, es muy comrade!"

"Oh no! Escucha! Katty ser durmio! Katty siempre si quiero dormida!"

"Oh no! Puedes ir con la ruta? esta Katty esta en la ciencia siempre se queda dormida."

Song Credits

Written by Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, and Greg Page, published by Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd, previously published by EMI Music.



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