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HIT Entertainment (styled "HiT") is a production company/distributing company that was founded in 1983 and originally the international distribution arm of Jim Henson Productions called Henson International Television (later reincorperated as "HiT Communications plc."). However, following the death of Jim Henson in 1990, the business was sold to several members of the company's management, led by Peter Orton, and recorporated to its current name to prevent any future confusion between the two companies.

HIT Entertainment began releasing The Wiggles VHS in the United States and Canada in October 16, 2001 after a merger with their previous distributor Lyrick Studios. DVD releases followed in April 9, 2002. In April 4, 2006, they began distributing through 20th Century Fox, starting with Wiggle Around the Clock, at which time previous DVDs and some VHS were re-released with the 20th Century Fox logo on the label. HIT Entertainment's contract with The Wiggles for DVDs in the US and Canada expired on May 19, 2007.

In 2005, they began releasing The Wiggles VHS and DVDs in the United Kingdom, and continued to do so until 2012.

USA and Canada Releases

Retail releases

All VHS releases from Hoop-Dee-Doo! It's a Wiggly Party up to Here Comes The Big Red Car were available in small plastic clamshell cases in the United States, and larger clamshell cases in Canada (Yule Be Wiggling was in a large case in both countries). In the US, cardboard slipcase versions were also sold of all VHS except Yule Be Wiggling and Wiggly, Wiggly World.

Many DVDs released in both countries after 2003 also contained a Canadian Rating "G" symbol on the back of Canadian copies that the American releases lack. All DVDs except Yule Be Wiggling, Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas, and Santa's Rockin'! were re-released in 2006 with the 20th Century Fox logo and copyright notice on the disc art.

Canada Only


Lyrick Studios VHS re-releases

In Canada, some of the VHS released by Lyrick Studios in large clamshell cases were re-released with the HiT Entertainment logo added to it in 2002. In America, all of Lyrick's clamshell VHS releases continued to be printed by HIT Entertainment unchanged through 2006 (aside from Dance Party, which was re-released on VHS with HiT's logo in 2003). However, some of these titles were released by HiT in cardboard slipcases around 2003 to 2004, sold at the same time as Lyrick's original clamshell releases as an alternative to them. Toot Toot!, and possibly others, were re-released again in 2006 with the 20th Century Fox logo on the tape.

Rental Videos

Two videos on one tape or disc were made available exclusively for renting at places like Blockbuster. The DVDs contained no menus or special features.


Some VHS and DVDs were available ahead of official retail release for screening purposes. These exclude the trailers included in the final releases, and contain the HiT Entertainment logo in the corner of the video throughout. Some of these were released in unique packaging, while others used the final retail packaging with a sticker on the back reading "Not for Individual Sale" (please note that a release containing this sticker is not necessarily a screener, as it was also used for VHS and DVDs released in multipacks). The ones listed are ones where photo or video evidence exists online (i.e. YouTube uploads of opening/closing), but there may be more out there.

United Kingdom Releases



  • A 4:3 cropped version of the CGI logo can be found on some Wiggles UK DVDs.


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