The Wiggles and Atsuko Arai

Haru Ga Kita is a song from It's a Wiggly Wiggly World!. Haru Ga Kita means spring has come in Japanese.


Anthony: Everybody, we're here with our friend, Astuko. Now, Astuko, where are you from?

Atsuko: From Japan.

Anthony: Japan. Whereabouts in Japan?

Atsuko: Narah City.

Anthony: Narah City, the oldest city, a beautiful city. And you're here with a beautiful dress on. What sort of dress is that?

Atsuko: This is a kimono.

Anthony: Hey, hey, hey! Kimono! And uh, we're gonna sing a song together. What sort of song are you gonna sing?

Atsuko: Haru Ga Kita.

Anthony: Haru Ga Kita. What does that mean in English?

Atsuko: "Spring Has Come".

Anthony: Oh, "Spring Has Come". (to audience while Jeff with marimba and Murray with guitar sit down) We'd love everybody to sing along and join in the actions.


Haru ga kita, haru ga kita

Doko ni kita

Yama ni kita, Sato ni kita

No nimo kita

Hana ga saku, Hana ga saku,

Doko ni saku

Yama ni saku Sato ni saku

No nimo saku

Spring has come. Where has it come? It has come to the mountains, it has come to the village and it has come to the fields.

Tori ga naku, Tori ga naku

Doko de naku

Yama de nakua, Sato de naku,

No demo naku.

Song Credits

Trad. arr. M Cook, J Fatt, A Field, G Page, D Lindsay


  • The instrumental version of the song is played on the DVD Emma!.
  • The 2000 and 2013 version plays in A, whereas the instrumental 2007 version plays in C, and the 2019 version plays in F.

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