"Hat On My Head" is a Play School song from Oomba Baroomba. The Wiggles cover this song on their Big Red Car album and Big Red Car video.


17 Hat on My Head

(This Is A Edit Not The Original Blog About The 1995 Song) Hat On My Head Was On The 1995 Album And Video Dance Party And Big Red Car. The Music Video's Of The Song Are Pretty Different. The 1995 One Has A Painted Backround And Is Made Using Green Screen (Btw All Of Them Are Made With Green Screen). The 1998 Music Video Has A Cartoon Back Round And The Wore Hat's And Rain Coats. The 2005 Version Has A Cartoon Back Round But A Cartoon Back Round Like The Cartoon's Through (2005 - 2012) And Uses The (2004 - 2006) Wiggle House Set. So Yea There Was No Audio Difference in The Music Video's. So Yea There You Go An Edit (so i can get the badge).

Song Lyrics

Hat on my head
It's sunny today
Got my hat on my head, it's sunny today
I'll be okay

I put my raincoat on
It's starting to rain
Put my raincoat on, it's starting to rain
I'll be okay

I'll take my raincoat off
It's sunny again
Take my raincoat off, it's sunny again
I feel okay
We feel okay

Song Credits

Big Red Car

Published by EMI Music
Murray Cook: Bass
Jeff Fatt: Piano
Anthony Field: Acoustic guitar
Greg Page: Lead vocals
Andrew Bignall: Drums
Greg Truman: Backing vocals
Produced by The Wiggles.
Engineered by Aaron Ruig, Rob Perez and The Wiggles.
Recorded at: Tracking Station Studios, Bellevue Hill, Sydney.
Mastered by William Bowden at Festival Studios.

Here Comes The Big Red Car

Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page & John Field (Wiggly Tunes Pty. Ltd.)
Vocals: Greg Page
Manzillas: Greg Truman
Guitar: Anthony Field
Bass: Murray Cook
Keyboard: Jeff Fatt
Drums: Andrew Bignall
Originally engineered by Aaron Ruig, Rob Perez and The Wiggles. Originally Recorded at Struggle Street Studios, Bellevue Hill, Sydney. Originally Mastered by William Bowden at Festival Studios.
Re-Mastered by Don Bartley


  • This song gives thanks to Greg Truman for the backing vocals.
  • An instrumental version of this song is played in the DVD menu of the Here Comes the Big Red Car DVD and Interview with The Wiggles' Mums.
  • When the 1995 version ends, the engineer's voice is heard.
  • The backgrounds in the 1995 version are actually the paintings on the beige wall from Five Little Joeys.
  • In the 2006 version, a background from Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport is used in a close-up of Murray.
  • The song was first released in 1994.
  • The original version on Play School is about wearing different clothing in different weathers whereas The Wiggles version is about wearing a raincoat when it's raining.


  • The U.S. album release shows that Murray, Jeff, and Greg's names are in the credits of the songs, although they didn't write it.


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