"Henry's Underwater Big Band" is a Wiggles song about Henry and his band.



Every night under the sea, the friendly octopus, Henry
Leads his underwater animal big band

Now Jellyfish, you play the drums
Walruses, you can hum
Electric eel, why don't you play your guitar?

So clap your hands with Henry, turn around and shout
Cos his underwater band is now ready.
Everybody shout, "Hip Hip Hooray!"
When Henry's Big Band begins to play

Now dolphins play the trumpet loud
You're sure to bring a crowd
Sea-horse you can play the glockenspiel
The tortoise shell is timpani
It's lots of fun for you and me
Henry's Underwater Animal Big Band


They're about to play
They're about to play
They're about to play
They're about to play

Let's get ready, everybody, woah-oh-oh!
Let's go!

Ooh, nice playing dolphins!
Ooh that's very good! Seahorses, very good!
Woah, nice work jellyfish! Very nice work!
Beautiful guitar, electric eel! Beautiful guitar!
Woah, I'm having a wonderful time!

Everybody shout, "Hip Hip Hooray!"
When Henry's Big Band begins to
Big Band begins to
Big Band begins to play

Woah-oh! Thank you, band, thank you!

Song Credits

Written by John Field, published by Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd, previously published by Copyright Control.


Greg in the unused final shot during the video's work-print

  • An alternate instrumental track for this song is played on The Wiggles (TV Series 1) episode Spooked Wiggles.
  • The animations were later reused for the Mandarin version.
  • On the 2004 Hit Entertainment release & the 2007 Warner Brothers DVD Re-release of Toot Toot!, the song is misspelled as "Harry's Underwater Big Band".
  • This is the first song to feature Margaret Lindsay on cello, Maria Schattovits on violin and Paul Rodgers on congas.
  • This song replaced Bathtime in the 1999 version of the Toot Toot! video.
  • Originally, the 1996 version was supposed to end with the shot of Greg while Henry says "Thank you, band, thank you!", as seen on the 1999 South African VHS release, but instead, it ended with the footage of fish.


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